PaintTech's Online Courses

Discover our suite of online courses for painters and decorators. We have courses covering masking techniques, safe operation of airless spray machines, kitchen spraying, and more!

Safe operation of an airless sprayer

This course will teach you the skills required for the safe operation of airless spray machines, guns, and accessories. You will learn about PPE, workspace preparation, spraying techniques, and equipment maintenance. By the end of the course, you will be able to handle airless spray machines and produce high-quality finishes confidently.

Spraying Systems for for Trim & Doors

This course will teach you how to achieve a great finish on trim and doors. We will explore the time saved between using airless spray equipment and traditional methods. We will talk about the types of paints to use, techniques, systems, how to spray doors, what happens when you get runs, how to set up doors to spray, how to spray architraves and more.

Spraying Systems for Ceilings

This course will teach you how to use an airless spray machine to achieve a flawless finish when spraying ceilings and cornices. You will learn the proper techniques for using an airless spray machine, including touch-ups, accessories, and the necessary PPE for safe operation. Additionally, you will be taught how to mask the area properly and the time savings vs brush and roller.

Spraying Systems for Walls

This course is designed to teach you how to spray walls. We share the systems we have developed over the years of our decorating experience and explain why and when we use them. To help you build up your experience, we will provide practical assessments demonstrating how to mask specific areas. You will also get access to free resources you can download and use on-site.

The golden answer - Selecting Tips, filters & pressure for Airless Sprayers

Our Golden Answer online course is all about airless spray painting tips, filters, and finding the ideal set-up. It covers everything from different types of airless tips, filters, and pressure to troubleshooting tips. You’ll learn how to put it all together to get your ideal set-up and achieve high-quality results. Plus, we’ll show you how to test tips and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this course will help you find your ideal set-up.

Correct techniques when airless spraying

Our correct techniques course shows you a few of the techniques we teach students on our two day intensive airless spraying course. You’ll learn how to stand, move, and adjust your pressure to get the best fan pattern, as well as some blending techniques and more. We’ll even provide you with a few activities to practice so you can hone your new skills.

Q1 Masking Course

If you’re looking to learn how to mask for spraying, our Q1 masking course is an excellent starting point. During the course, we cover the essential products from the Q1 range that we use in our business and on our courses. You’ll get to see how we mask floors, kitchens, doors, door frames, and windows, and we’ll even share some of our top tips to help you out.

the Decorators Growth Club's business plan

If you’re unsure where to begin in building a better business, the Decorators Growth Club’s step-by-step business plan is perfect for you! We’ll show you the types of systems and tools you can use to manage your business, how to attract the right clients, focus on the tasks you enjoy, manage stress, build a marketing plan, make more money, and so much more!