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Hang wall coverings to complex surfaces

This course is designed to boost your paperhanging skills and grow your business. Learn how to install wallpapers on complex surfaces, reduce waste, and take on higher-paying projects. With these skills, you’ll enjoy the job more, complete projects faster, and have more free time. This is an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from competitors.

Hang wall coverings to complex surfaces

In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience and learn how to hang wallpaper on tricky surfaces like sloping ceilings, columns, stairwells, etc. You’ll also pick up tips on working safely, calculating quantities, and preparing adhesives.

These skills are a game-changer for your decorating business. They will help you take on more challenging projects and save money by reducing waste. This means more profit for your business.
Your reputation will also get a boost because clients will see your expertise in transforming complex spaces. This can lead to repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients.

So, consider joining this course as an investment in your skills and your business’s success. You’ll come away with the practical know-how to tackle tough jobs and increase your profitability.

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Stay ahead of the game and learn to spray! Spray painting is the future for those in the decorating sector and with current funding available through CITB now is the time to take advantage, learn and expand your business.