Hang non-standard width wallcoverings

Expand your decorating skills by learning to hang wide-width vinyl wall coverings. This is a great way to offer more services and attract new customers, increasing profits. On this course, you’ll work with wide-width vinyl, such as Muraspec, and learn how to install the wall coverings to ensure high-quality work. This will help you build a reputation for premium services, resulting in repeat business and referrals.

Hang non-standard width wallcoverings

Take your wallpapering skills to the next level with our non-standard width wallcoverings course. You’ll receive practical insights and a solid foundation in the world of wallpapering, with a focus on wide-width vinyl wallcoverings like Muraspec.

This course will provide you with the tools and knowledge to work efficiently and profitably, including surface preparation, installation processes, and various vinyl types like fabric-backed and paper-backed. You’ll also learn how to work safely around obstacles such as electrical fittings and pipework to increase your confidence.

You will be able to practice and gain experience in hanging wide width wallpaper. This will help you become skilled at handling various types of vinyl, which in turn will enable you to pursue a lucrative career in the wallpapering industry. This opportunity is a great way to improve your skills and grow in your field.

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Venetian plaster training

Understand the power of Venetian Plaster and see if it’s worth adding as a service to your business.

Sample the power of Venetian Plaster with our three-day training course, which covers various Valpaint finishes, including the well-known stucco Veneziano. Whether you’re a professional decorator, plasterer or DIY enthusiast, understanding how to apply Venetian Plaster and create different finishes will give you a better understanding of whether it is something you could see yourself adding as a niche to your business.

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