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Applying Printed Murals

Our applying printed murals course is your gateway to profitable growth and skill development in the decorating industry. With a focus on both multi-plate and one-piece murals, this course assured by City & Guilds equips you with the essential tools and knowledge to excel. It’s a valuable foundation for expanding your business into the thriving mural installation sector, fostering innovation, and ensuring success in this fast-growing area of decorating.

Applying Printed Murals

If you want to take your decorating business to the next level, the applying printed murals course can be a great opportunity. This programme is City & Guilds Assured and provides a solid foundation for success in mural installation.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including selecting the appropriate images for murals, mastering the tools and equipment required for installation, preparing various wall surfaces for mural installation, selecting the right pastes for different applications, and accurately measuring wall areas for precise mural orders.

But the course doesn’t just help you improve your skills. By becoming a certified installer of Vista Digital murals, you can position your decorating business as an innovative leader, ready to seize opportunities for profit and growth in this rapidly expanding sector. This course can help you unlock new revenue streams and foster the development of your business.

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