Venetian plaster training

Understand the power of Venetian Plaster and see if it’s worth adding as a service to your business.

Sample the power of Venetian Plaster with our three-day training course, which covers various Valpaint finishes, including the well-known stucco Veneziano. Whether you’re a professional decorator, plasterer or DIY enthusiast, understanding how to apply Venetian Plaster and create different finishes will give you a better understanding of whether it is something you could see yourself adding as a niche to your business.

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It's the end of 2023, drive forward and don't be like Blockbuster

Don’t be like Blockbuster!

Reflecting on this year, it’s not difficult to ponder and ask, “What the bloody hell happened?” Think back! Decorators transitioned from the challenging Covid years,

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A decorators spraying journey

If you have been decorating for any length of time you will have noticed many changes over the years. Rollers, a long time ago I know but they were met with resistance big time. They were viewed as DIY and many decorators would not be caught using one. Of course, they caught on, mainly because they were faster and easier to use, now most decorators in the world will complete a job using a roller of some kind.

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PTA Support

PTA Support What is it? Chris Berry (The Idaho Painter) has something called “The Paintlife Mafia” now I have to say that is a really

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When it comes to Education and Training

When it comes to education and training we don’t know how lucky we are in this country.
If you want to become a decorator in America you have to find yourself a company who will take you on with no experience and then hope that they have some kind of training program and also that they do a range of work so that you can build your skills. This is unlikely so you will end up good at one or two things and not have experience of the full skill set.

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