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Apply Broken Colour Effects

This course teaches you broken-colour techniques and how to refine these timeless decorative techniques. Broken-colour techniques include effects such as sponge stipple, ragging, colour wash, glazing, and more, all of which add depth and character to interior spaces. 

Our two-day course focuses on hands-on learning, allowing you to create a range of finishes of various broken colour techniques. On the first day, you will learn foundational skills for each method, creating samples that you can use for marketing and show to clients. Building upon this foundation, the second day allows you to apply these techniques on a larger scale, building confidence in your ability to transform full-size walls with broken colour effects.

This course, taught by an industry expert, provides a comprehensive understanding of broken colour techniques, giving you the skills and confidence to meet the growing demand for these decorative finishes. Whether you’re a professional looking to expand your repertoire or a beginner eager to learn, our broken colour effects course offers a valuable opportunity to improve your decorative skills.

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