Gilding by Transfer & loose leaf

This two-day course is designed for people looking to add high-end gilding to their skill set, providing the tools and knowledge to create stunning, professional-quality finishes.

This course combines the essentials of loose leaf and transfer gilding, offering a practical approach that ensures you gain real-world practice. Whether you’re looking to gild glass, intricate relief work like coving and Lincrusta, or more, this course has got you covered.

You’ll get hands-on experience with the techniques and tools for loose leaf and transfer gilding, working on various surfaces, from wooden panels to glass and detailed relief work. You’ll also learn how to use stencils to create designs. The course will cover the different types of metal leaf and how to use them effectively, and you’ll master the art of burnishing gold and applying barrier coats for protection.

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Venetian plaster training

Understand the power of Venetian Plaster and see if it’s worth adding as a service to your business.

Sample the power of Venetian Plaster with our three-day training course, which covers various Valpaint finishes, including the well-known stucco Veneziano. Whether you’re a professional decorator, plasterer or DIY enthusiast, understanding how to apply Venetian Plaster and create different finishes will give you a better understanding of whether it is something you could see yourself adding as a niche to your business.

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