The Business Blueprint

Thank you for requesting the Business Blueprint. Below, you’ll find Ian and Pete’s seminar recordings from the National Painting & Decorating Show. They’re all about how to specialize and niche down your decorating business and how business support can help you grow and increase your profits in 2024.

You can also download the PDF version of the presentation slides used during the seminars by clicking the buttons below the videos.

Boost your business in 2024

This seminar was all about finding practical solutions to some common challenges faced by decorators, like how to deal with rising prices and pushback from customers. 

Ian talked about how it’s important to move from mental processes to documented systems to be more efficient and scalable. We also covered some other cool stuff, such as how to price strategically, negotiate deposits, and develop new skills to diversify our services. 

Overall, this seminar offered actionable tips on how to navigate challenges and be successful in the decorating industry.

Download the PDF Version of Ian's Presentation

The Specialist Decorator

The seminar focused on how decorators can increase their earnings by specialising in a specific area. With 40 years of experience as a decorator, it’s clear to see the advantages of niching down.

By focusing on one area, decorators can reduce competition, charge higher rates, and become the go-to expert in a particular niche.

This seminar is a must-watch for decorators who want to enhance their skills and profitability by specialising in their craft.

Download the PDF Version of Pete's Presentation