The best spray painting course near me.

We have many years of experience looking after students and running courses, so we know how hard it can be to choose a training provider for your course. You don’t want to spend over the odds, but also you don’t want a rubbish course that’s a waste of time.


Why choose us? 

We have several things that make us unique as a training provider. We could go on and on about what makes us different, but instead, here are the four main ones.

1. Decorators teaching trades. We are actually decorators ourselves; we have many years of experience in the trade, and we have experienced all the pain you experience. We know how you feel, and we have the solutions to your problems. Not just theory but real solutions that are tried and tested. When you talk to us about spraying, we speak your language.


2. Independent. We are not tied to any particular paint or sprayer brand. We have a number of different spray painting machines that you can look at and use, and we have different brands of paint that you can spray. We have found that some brands of spray paint are better than others, and we will discuss which these paints are. The same goes for sprayers, we can discuss with you the best sprayer to buy, and we can show you the options and also tell you what we recommend depending on the types of work you do.


3. Support. We know that once you have done the course with us and go on-site to spray, that’s when the real learning starts. We offer support after the course so that we can help you through the first steps of spraying for real. We provide support in several ways, including phone calls, a private Facebook group and many videos and written resources. We have had students comment that the support alone is worth the course fee, and we “have you covered for the long game”, this is very important if you want to be successful as a sprayer.


4. Credibility, it is easy for a training provider to say, “we are good,” but when an outside organisation says that you are good, then this has much more credibility. We work closely with City and Guilds, and many of our courses have the City and Guilds stamp. This means that City and Guilds check that we deliver what we say we will deliver and that our standards are high. 


The Only City & Guilds Assured Spray Painting Courses [Find Out More]


We also work with the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), who make sure that all our staff are qualified and that we follow the standards associated with their short courses. We have contributed to writing many of the short courses in conjunction with the CITB.


When a student completes one of our spray painting courses, we ask them to do a few things if they are happy. We ask them to fill in an “End of course questionnaire”, this asks several questions about the provision and also asks for any comments. Here are a couple of comments taken directly from a questionnaire.


“Amazing course! Learnt so much, had loads of laughs and was pumped up to go spraying on Monday. Ian delivers the course really really well.”

“Great course led by an experienced teacher. I would definitely recommend this course to others in the future.”

“Very helpful, I enjoyed every minute. I was nervous, but it has made my confidence grow.”

“Very good, both theoretically and practically. A lot of practice helped getting used to spray. The feedback during spraying also helped”

“Liam was a fantastic, top-class teacher.”


This gives you an idea of the feedback that we are getting, there are hundreds of these, and we pride ourselves in the comments that we receive.

We also ask our students to put a review on Trustpilot, and we consistently get 5-star reviews. The advice that we always give to students who are enquiring about a course is to shop around and check out the reviews of other training providers, make sure that they have the endorsement of awarding bodies such as City and Guilds and make sure that their staff are qualified. We feel that we are leaders in our industry, and we offer first-class training.

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