Why PaintTech Training Academy and their Spray Training?

If you are a decorator who is thinking of updating your skills and getting some airless spray training then you may be asking “who are Painttech Training Academy?” and “ why are they different to other training providers?”

We are a private training organisation who have set up so that we can provide training to the industry. We are mainly delivering training in spray technology. We currently have 5 centres so that we will probably have a centre fairly near to you. The centres are in Preston (North West), Edenbridge (South East), Exeter (South West), Scotland and Ireland.

There are 3 things that make us different from other centres and these are :-


Decorators teaching decorators

All our teachers are decorators running their own businesses who are actually doing the job, week in week out and have done for many years.

Ian Crump has been a decorator for 27 years and spraying for many of those years. He has a wide range of experience of decorating across a range of prestigious projects.

Pete Wilkinson has been a decorator all his life, he has spent many years teaching apprentices at a local college including the spray training syllabus  and has knowledge of how to put together a successful course. He also has his own decorating business specialising in spraying.



We are independent. This means that we are not a manufacturer delivering courses to promote our spray training. We use a wide range of products and equipment and have experience of what works best in a variety of situations. We test products and equipment for different companies and give honest feedback based on what we find.


This is the real value in what we offer. If you do a course at college, once your done then you are on your own. We believe that it’s only when you start putting into practice what you have learned that you realise what you need to know or be reminded of. 

Once you have done a spray training course with us we offer you support for the months after the course while you get to grips with your new skills. The support is offered in a number of ways and we have found that decorators really value the support given. One decorator commented that the cost of the course is worth it for the support alone.

If you want add spraying to your business and get on one of our spray training courses then have a look at the website, leave us a message below or BOOK NOW



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