Why would you learn to spray with an airless paint sprayer?

We all know the name of the Facebook group “Spraying makes sense” and we all know what it stands for, most of us agree with the statement, some don’t and prefer to apply paint by brush and roller however I was thinking about this and thought it would make a good blog.  Why does spraying make sense?  First of all I think a lot of decorators fall into the trap of thinking it’s all or nothing. You either spray OR you brush and roll. “Do we spray this job or do we roll it?” is a question I am often asked.  I regularly mix the two on a job, I might decide to spray the ceilings and the undercoat on the woodwork but roll the finish on the walls and brush woodwork. It all depends on the job. I recommend that if you’re new to spraying you slowly phase it into your work. Start with ceilings until you are comfortable with the machine and then do more and more as you get good at it.

This does not answer the question though, why does it make sense to spray? I think there are 3 main reasons.

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It’s faster

Depending on the job spraying can be up to 4 times faster. This means you can potentially make 4 times more money if you want to. This is a big reason to look at spraying. I know a lot of decorators simply do not believe it is faster and come up with lots of reasons. However I personally don’t know any decorators that have gone down the spraying road then decided to go back to rollers. Just like no-one packs in using a roller and goes back to big brushes.

The finish is amazing

This is a big reason to start spraying. Water based paints are now widely available but let’s face it they are more difficult to brush and get a good finish. When you start spraying you get better coverage and the finish is amazing. This finish is expected in some countries but in the UK its fairly new. I think there will come a time when you will need to be able to produce this “flawless” finish because it is what customers will come to expect.


Customers remember you

Finally there is the marketing aspect to spraying your work. Every time I turn up to a job with any of my sprayers it’s a talking point! The customer is amazed at the technology and can’t get over the amazing finish that you can produce with it. They will talk about you to their friends, family and work colleagues long after you have finished the job. I get a lot of phone calls that start “are you the guy that sprays?” You will get a lot more referrals this way..


The 3 reasons above don’t even factor in one other big benefit – its much easier on the body too.


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