Testing Airless Spraying Tips

We often get asked about Airless Spraying Tips – which tips to use, what pressure for different products. As a business PaintTech Decorators sprays 90% of their projects 100% of the time. We spend a lot of time on testing machines, tips, extension, products, fillers etc and the list goes on. If we feel that it has benefit to our business then we will look at taking them on site and using them in the decorating environment before we will use them as our next baseline.

If you are constantly changing products then you will cause yourself problems and frustration. Find a product you link, own it and nail it spraying before you think about moving onto another one.

We are often sent tips from manufacturers because they have been returned by customers thinking that they are faulty. Very often its not the case.. Most of the time its because the combination or Product or Pressure is not right or they have not been stored correctly.

We never allow our tips to dry out unless they are older back up tips and even then they are thoroughly cleaned before doing so. We know we run the risk that they may not work when we go back to them but some building water or cellulose soon gets them going again.

We leave all the tips that we use on a daily basis in a solution such as Zinnser BIN Brush Cleaner, Wagner Tip Solution etc and always watered down. We did always use KrudKutter parts and gun cleaner but sadly in the UK it is no longer available.It seems hard to work out which tip to use and which brand to use but its really down to personal preference. Don’t always run with what the masses are saying; try them for yourself and see what you think!

Airless Discounter has put a blog together to help you choose the right tip: https://www.airless-discounter.de/news/airless-nozzle/


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