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Trevor McMillan’s 2023 Goals: Growing my decorating business and profit

The greatest thing about December is that it’s a time to sit back and relax. It’s also an opportunity to take it easy and reflect on the past year and look at your 2023 goals.   

Or is it? 

We find that there are generally two kinds of people over Christmas; either those slowing down not taking on any more projects or those that are overworked, feeling pressured and trying hard to fit it all in before Christmas eve, knowing it’s pretty much impossible. If you’re the overworked person, you’re probably telling yourself that next year will be different. You’re going to do things differently. You want less stress, less panicking, fewer last-minute issues, and more time off at Christmas. We ask, why just at Christmas? What if you could reduce stress by picking the jobs you wanted with less panicking and last-minute issues but have systems that stop errors and mistakes before they happen; and more time for yourself by making more profit per job and therefore reduce the jobs you take or take on more people to help. 

It’s possible! You may not believe it, and you may not see it now, Trevor McMillan from TM Decor didn’t either, but over the last 12 months, Trevor has been able to transform his business to make it work the way he wants to. So, we asked him how and what steps he’s taking to achieve his 2023 goals. 


So, Trevor, what were your goals for 2022?  

Going into 2022, I wanted more leads coming in for kitchen resprays. But these leads needed to be from my ideal client that could both afford my prices but also was a joy to work with. Through PaintTech Training Academy, I’ve been able to train over the previous years and become experienced in spraying both airless and plaster. Then in 2021, I joined the Decorators Growth Club, which helped me understand how to target my ideal customer through social media. The training I’ve done has definitely played a part in making 2022 a success.


What are your 2023 goals?  

2022 was all about marketing to find and do more kitchen resprays, and due to the success, 2023 will be no different. In fact, I have a target of increasing the number of kitchen resprays I do by 50%. I love doing kitchens because of the satisfaction it gives both my customer and me. It’s also more profitable with less hassle. All someone needs is the training, and that’s where PaintTech come in.   

I already have planned both the Venetian Plaster course and Worktop Refurbishment course in 2023, which will allow me to take on more of my customer’s kitchen refurbishment needs. I can offer this to both new and past clients. The best part is that it’s fully funded through CITB, so I pay nothing to learn new skills, which will add 000’s to my yearly income. Plus, with the knowledge I’ve picked up from the decorator’s growth club, it’s a particular route to achieving the 50% increase in kitchen refurbishments I want in 2023.


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Are you excited for your 2023 goals?  

There is no denying that I’m worried about the economic challenges that are upon us in 2023. But if this had happened in 2019/2020, there is no way I would have had the mindset or education to survive. But with the training from PaintTech Training Academy and the Decorators Growth Club, I am in the strongest position to tackle the upcoming difficulties and grow in 2023.   


With the additional support from the Decorators Growth Club Pro Members Group and having access to the PTA Support, the group for those who have done courses, I am confident that I can achieve my goals. 


2023 goals      



Here at Painttech Training Academy, we often see how quickly decorators are able to transform their business through training, education and ongoing support, but it’s always good to hear it directly from those that have attended. Trevor was someone that came to the academy with hesitation, and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying a lack of confidence running a business. Even though he was a very capable and competent decorator, Trevor was unsure how to make his business a success. Over the last few years, that has completely changed to the point where Trevor is now a Painttech Ambassador. With his newfound confidence and skills, Trevor is already setting ambitious 2023 goals for his business, and we couldn’t be more proud to have played a role in his success.


I appreciate words are only as strong as they are written, so for those of you who would prefer to see and hear from Trevor, here is his short video.




If you want to achieve your 2023 goals and make it a successful year, wish to help navigate the ongoing economic downturn, and want it to be completely free, then our courses with CITB support are the best way forward. Usually, I’d say it’s easy for us to say, but Trevor’s above words echo what the vast majority of our attendees find. We’re not just a give-and-go course provider. Once you’ve done a course with us, we’re here to support you for the long term. 

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