When you are new to spraying everything is a minefield.

You will join all the spraying forums thinking you will get answers but often you are left with more questions and a head full of confusion!!

Pete Wilkinson, the author of the Fast & Flawless books decided that it would be a great idea to put together a series of simple steps books to try and cut out a lot of the guesswork and give a little more clarity.

There are currently 4 books in the series which are available in heard copy to purchase OR you can download a copy for FREE….

Find out how to access funding for training

Download the "Simple steps to funding" PDF which gives you the ultimate walkthrough on how to access £5000 worth of funding to help your business grow.


As a small decorating company finding money to invest in training is was a challange

When we first heard that our decorating business could potentially access £5000 free funding towards training, we thought there had to be a catch but what we found out shocked us even more.

As a small decorating company, Painttech Decorators found it hard to find the additional cash we needed for our team to invest in training. Just like many small businesses cash flow at times can be hard but through the help of CITB we’ve really been able to level up. And you can too.

To help we’ve put it all in a quick download that you can read for free.

Learn everything about HVLP

Check out "Simple steps to HVLP" which is available as a book or kindle, this gives you the ultimate guide to HVLP. What to look out for when looking for the right machine, the pros and cons and how to get results with different products.


Learn everything about compressor set up

Check out "Simple steps to conventional" which is available as a book or kindle, this gives you the ultimate guide to compressor set ups. This book looks at the pros and cons of compressor and help guide you through the fog of which machine to choose.


Want to know all about airless?

Check out the "Simple steps to airless" which is available as a book or kindle, this gives you the ultimate guide to airless. This book looks at why and where to use airless, setting up the machine and what accessories will make your life easier.


Want to Know More about our training courses?

We have a range of training courses for spraying which will make the journey much quicker, reduce the frustration and reduce the costly mistakes that we made when we started spraying. All the trainers at PaintTech Training Academy are seasoned decorators all running their own businesses.

Get yourself on a training course


PaintTech Training Academy was set up in 2017 by decorators because the industry asked for training. Spraying was becoming popular but there was limited training and what there was available was from supplies selling machines or paint. 

PaintTech has grown in its offering of courses over the years and have developed their own City & Guilds Assured courses for Spraying. We are CITB approved training providers which means we are able to access government funding for training. We are also IOSH approved training providers .

CITB training is available for you, your team, and also your sub contractors. If you are self-employed or you have your own decorating business as a Ltd company then you will probably fall into a number of camps.

CITB is focused on helping my business grow and they will support me every year with more funding for further training for me and my team that won’t cost me a penny.

The majority of Decorators won’t exceed the 80K limit unless they have a blinding year and if they do then thats brilliant.

This may be because you are not aware of the grants available or that you have heard you have to pay a levy every year and this has put you off. If you are going to do some training yourself that you want funding for and you have employed a sub-contractor and your wage bill is below £80K then you could claim up to £5000 per year for any training that you or your sub-contractors want to do. This is an amazing opportunity and the CITB will pay the money directly into your bank account.

You are a rare breed and it means that you are on the ball with your business. If this is you and you are looking for courses to spend your grant on then check out our course page or email us direct. We offer a range of cutting-edge courses for your business and would even design a bespoke course just for you if you had 5 or more people to send on the course.

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