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Intensive Airless Spraying

Our Intensive Airless Spraying course is here to help you excel in this field. With our comprehensive training program and City & Guilds accreditation, you’ll expand your skills and gain the knowledge you need to succeed. Enhance your expertise, offer a valuable service to clients, increase your profits, and enjoy a more fulfilling career.

Intensive course

The course offers valuable skills essential for sustainable growth and development and will provide you with a strong foundation for expanding your knowledge and expertise, making you a proficient and confident airless sprayer.

You will learn how to choose the right equipment, assess health and safety risks, and utilise innovative techniques for maximum profit. This course covers fault finding, cleaning and maintenance, and masking tips and tricks to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of airless spraying.

Join us and invest in your professional development, as our City & Guilds assurance guarantees that you are learning from the best. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire valuable skills that will drive your career forward.

Course Dates

Intensive course overview

You will cover the following:
• Initial machine setup
• Guns, tips, filters, pressure, viscosity
• Health & Safety
• Practical spraying incl techniques on walls and ceilings
• Cleaning & maintenance
• Fault finding
• Practical assessments on walls & ceilings
• Masking tips and tricks
• Practical spraying, including techniques on doors, windows, skirting, architraves & spindles.
• Practical assessment of doors, skirtings & architraves

You will cover the following:
• The main advantages of Airless spraying
• Understanding the spray machine and all its parts
• Choosing the right tip, filter and pressures
• Adding accessories for maximum gain
• Working through common objections
• Masking products & systems
• The correct safety and PPE
• Setting up the sprayer and cleaning correctly
• Spraying techniques on various surfaces

Why our Intensive Course

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If anyone needs any additional help to complete the written assessment, please get in touch, and we can discuss how we can help.

Completing the assessments is compulsory for this programme assured by City & Guilds. However, those who do not complete it on the day will receive a PaintTech Training Academy certificate of participation and be given an opportunity to attend an additional assessment day.

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