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Building a business around kitchen and furniture spraying 

In today’s challenging economic climate, two things are abundantly clear: costs are on the rise, and everyone is on the hunt for cheaper options. We, and our clients, are no different. Because of this, we’ve seen countless decorators believe they need to reduce their prices to stay competitive, to compete against the so-called have-a-go decorators that only started last week. However, we view this as an opportunity to do things differently. Instead of dropping your prices, aim to cater to a niche market of higher-value clients who want more specialist services, such as those seeking kitchen and furniture spraying. 

Kitchen and furniture spraying is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, driven by factors such as cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and time efficiency compared to buying new. As a decorator, you know that clients can expect an off-the-shelf look, sustainability, and the ability to offer your client the opportunity to bring their worn-down kitchen to life without buying new. 


Times are tight; competition is hard.  

You’re probably realising that the margin in HSL jobs is already slim. Everyone believes they can do it and are willing to try, even though their skill and experience may not be comparable to yours. The customer, unfortunately, only realises this after the fact when the poor quality of work becomes evident, and it’s too late to change their decision. 

Instead of getting into a price war with novice decorators, why not focus your energy and expertise on higher-value projects like kitchen and furniture spraying? Not only will this keep your profit margins healthy, but it will also put you in front of clientele who value skill and expertise over bargain prices. 


Harder than it looks. 

I want to tell you that it’s easy, that one morning you can wake up and decide to focus solely on kitchen and furniture spraying, but it isn’t. If it were, there would be more have-a-go decorators doing it. Although you might come up against decorators who promise they can do it in a day for half the price, we assure you they’re few and far between. 

Running a decorating business specialising in kitchen and furniture spraying takes time and hard work, but it’s worth it. It starts with a course, one dedicated to kitchen and furniture spraying—yes, like ours. Then comes a slow transition, using social media and referrals to gradually attract higher-priced clients, resisting the temptation to fall back into the bad habit of accepting any job that comes your way, and abandoning the need to reduce your cost to secure a job. 


When does that worry stop 

It’s hard, we know. You have a business to run and a family to feed, and things are getting tighter with the cost of living rising. But ask yourself, when does it stop? That feeling of always running short of money at the end of the month. That desire to do more, to earn more, but never having enough, year after year. If you don’t make that change now, you never will. 

Our other courses 

We offer a wide array of courses because we recognise the importance of being able to service everything from HSL, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even outside the house. However, the profitability of focusing on kitchen and furniture spraying is undeniable. 



Understanding the Market Demand 

Okay, so I could go on and on about the rising demand in kitchen and furniture spraying, but I understand that before heading down this path on my say-so, you want to know more. You want to understand why many homeowners are turning to spray paint decorators for kitchen and furniture spraying. 


Why the Surge in Demand? 

“As I mentioned at the start of this blog, there is undoubtedly a cost-of-living situation where people are looking to save costs. Those who would have headed to B&Q, Magnet, or Wickes to price up a new kitchen just aren’t. Don’t over embellish that last statement; these companies still do well, people are still buying new kitchens, but just not like they were. These people that would have wanted a new kitchen still want that new look and feel but are now looking for cost-effective solutions. 

Cheaper Alternative 

Those that jump on Google and search for ‘cheaper alternative to a new kitchen’ will find information on budget kitchens (which, although is a great option for some people, will never be taken up by someone who had previously spent tens of thousands on their kitchen) and spray painting kitchen cabinets. The search term for ‘spray painting kitchen cabinets’ gets several thousand searches per month alone. 


Environmental impact 

Secondly, as awareness about the environmental impact of our decisions grows, many people are choosing to ‘upcycle’ rather than discard. Landfills are getting full, and people are aware that we need to throw away less. Yes, most cabinets are made of wood; that’s obvious. But if a kitchen was installed or refurbished some time ago, as a decorator, you’ll know how potentially harmful that paint may be. That cabinet or piece of furniture may not be recyclable. Kitchen and furniture spraying is an environmentally friendly choice. Instead of contributing to the landfill with old furniture or kitchen fittings, customers are choosing to refurbish and re-use, thus reducing their carbon footprint. 


The Appeal for Decorators 

So, as you can see, from a decorator’s perspective, there are several compelling reasons to include kitchen and furniture spraying in your services. Additionally, when it comes to kitchen and furniture spraying, this field offers a more controlled and predictable work environment compared to the unpredictability of full-scale interior painting projects. 


Preparation and control 

Kitchen and furniture spraying can be approached and controlled completely differently to HSL’s or other interior jobs. Although our course teaches on-site spraying, as most people would be spraying on-site, there’s the opportunity for those with a work unit to pick up the doors and take them away; and then conduct the job in their dedicated workshop. This minimises disruptions and potential issues associated with working in a client’s home. With the ability to better control work conditions and timelines, decorators can complete projects faster and more efficiently. This ultimately leads to the capacity to serve more customers and manage a higher volume of projects, thus increasing the overall profitability of their business. 

For those that spray on-site, it’s still quicker and easily managed in the client’s home. But to learn how to do that you’ll need to attend our ‘C&G Kitchen and Furniture On-Site Spraying Course’. We can’t give everything away for free. 


Higher-end clients 

Another significant advantage is the potential to attract higher-end clients. This somewhat ties back to my opening statement and the reason for the blog. Those who are willing to pay a premium for the distinct look and quality that furniture spraying provides represent a more lucrative market segment that you can tap into. By offering kitchen and furniture spraying, decorators such as yourself can position yourselves in a niche market and tap into a clientele that appreciates your unique skills and is willing to pay for them. Stop competing on price with people who can’t really afford it and compete on value with those who can. 


Developing Your Skillset 

Mastering the art of furniture spraying, or spraying kitchen cabinets, like any new skill, requires a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical training, and hands-on experience. It’s a journey of continuous learning and refining your techniques, but one that can prove exceptionally rewarding. That’s why at PaintTech Training Academy, all our spraying courses are practical and take place in a workshop with tutors who have vast experience in spraying. 


The Value of Training Courses 

“While some people think you can learn via YouTube, we advise you not to. Can you imagine taking your car to a garage where the mechanic’s only technical knowledge came from watching a few YouTube videos beforehand? We understand how respectable our trade is; don’t be the person to undermine it. Enrol on a course, which is now even easier with our courses being CITB-funded. 


In conclusion, the world of kitchen and furniture spraying is brimming with potential. As the demand for cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to buying new continues to grow, decorators are presented with a unique opportunity to cater to a niche market that values quality over cost. Venturing into this domain is challenging; it requires time, dedication, and above all, a commitment to learning and mastering new skills. However, the potential rewards in terms of higher profit margins, more predictable work environments, and the satisfaction of offering sustainable solutions make it a journey worth embarking upon. 


At PaintTech Training Academy, we strive to empower decorators with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this growing market. We believe that through education and continuous learning, every decorator can carve out their place in the kitchen and furniture spraying industry, attracting higher-end clients and improving their profitability. 


While the world continues to grapple with economic uncertainties, we invite you to look at them as opportunities for growth and diversification. Use this time to embrace new techniques, to learn, to evolve, and to propel your business forward. It may be challenging, but with the right mindset and training, you can turn these challenges into steppingstones for success. So, don’t wait. Start your journey into kitchen and furniture spraying today and unlock a world of opportunities you never thought possible. 



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