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Why do more decorators not spray?

We hear many people ask, if spray painting is better than traditional painting why do more decorators not spray? For us, a few fears contribute to the low number of decorators who spray paint, such as the amount of money needed to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies; or it either appears to be too messy and takes an excessive amount of time to clean up.

We have also heard the excuse “spraying only works for the big jobs” which is a widespread false argument that can be found in the decorating industry. This is a point that is brought up quite frequently but easily debunked.


Our research

However, through our own research we have find that most decorators, who don’t spray paint, are also typically confident in their work and do not wish to put in the time and effort required to learn how to spray paint. Being confident is great but sometimes this tunnel vision view can be harmful to their businesses.


Our history

We concluded more than 25 years ago that spraying is more efficient, and the results speak for themselves. Spraying gives a much higher quality finish than brushing and rolling, giving a much smoother, neater finish in less time. For most that should be a enough of a reason to make the switch to spray painting, but for us, at the time it was also the realisation of the significant amount of additional revenue we could generate. That realisation was rewarded, as over the last 25 years we have gained a lot of success by choosing to use spray paint.


It’s the fastest growing movement in decorating circles

Although it’s not easily noticed, thousands of decorators are moving over and training to use spray painting machines. Decorators are seeing the key benefits of getting to grips with these machines and the many benefits. It is fast, and the paint dries quickly, so you can work on your project without waiting long periods between layers. The colour also dries in thin layers so that you can achieve a smoother finish or create more detailed artwork with less paint.


Becoming a Jedi painter

We are going to go on a mission together, and during it, I’m going to demonstrate in real-time why it’s a no-brainer for you to focus on upgrading your skills so that you can wield these guns around like a real Jedi. First, I’m going to set the scenario before I want you to watch the video. Afterwards we can talk about some of the basic math to help you understand how this will affect your thinking and bank balance.

Simple scenario

We had a project where the client wanted us to change their staircase from Oak to white (something we do a lot). As per most of our work, we decided to spray the spindles instead of brushing them.

We protected the area for spraying, which you would be doing as a decorator for any form of painting; and for this project we didn’t have to worry about the walls & woodwork as they will also be decorated when the staircase is finished.

But for the purposes of this video, we showed the comparison of me brushing one spindle and my team member spraying the remainder.

It took me 2.19 minutes. Granted, you might be quicker, but not much. My sprayer managed to complete 19 spindles at the same time.


Now watch the video.


The Math

That was the video, now let us have a look at the maths as time simply can’t lie.

  • Paint: We had 75 spindles overall, and if you brushed the spindles with 4 coats due to the coverage (granted, you could choose a better paint for coverage, but the maths will still transfer) it would take a total of up to 10 hours. (2.5 hours per coat).
  • Spray: If you were to spray the spindles with 3 coats with better coverage (no matter the paint) it would take a total of 30 minutes. (9-10 minutes per coat).

The time saving seems fantastical and is very hard to comprehend that you could save 9hrs 30 minutes just on this one staircase. We also sprayed the ceilings, the walls, and all the doors plus woodwork saving more time.


Day rate

So now work out how that calculation transfers into your day rate. We appreciate that we have been at this a long time, but even if you’re new to spraying, the maths can’t lie. That is why so many decorators are dropping the brush for the spray gun, and why they’re probably trying to keep it a secret from other decorators.


If you are still unsure, come and spend a FREE day with us to see for yourself. We can get on the right path and moving quickly to change your business for the better.

Simple Steps – Spray Painting Introduction


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