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The Secrets Behind Successful Kitchen Spray Painters

kitchen spray painters

In the world of decorating, kitchen spraying has gained huge popularity as homeowners seek fresh, vibrant looks for their kitchen spaces. This trend has created a significant demand for skilled kitchen spray painters who can deliver flawless, eye-catching results. We have definitely seen an increase in decorators and joiners wanting to take our C&G Kitchens & Furniture ON SITE Spraying Course. But how do those that get all the work do it? How are those successfully achieving it while others still struggle to get off the ground and find work?

In this blog, we’ll reveal the secrets behind successful kitchen spray painters, from mastering the art of spray painting to honing their business skills. If you’re looking to make a splash in the world of kitchen renovations, read on!


Mastering the Art of Kitchen Spray Painting

Invest in High-Quality Equipment and Materials

Let’s start with the obvious and something you’ll tell me you already do. But I want to be honest and probably a little more hard-hitting than you would somewhat expect. Successful kitchen spray painters understand that high-quality equipment and materials are crucial for delivering top-notch results. Do you?

For those who have taken our courses and still haven’t brought equipment or are still to train, there is no point heading to your local tool centre and buying a £200 spray machine off the shelf. You have spent almost £1000 on a spraying course, don’t skip out now. Investing in a reliable spray system, selecting premium paint products specifically designed for spraying, and using the right spray tips and accessories for each project sets you apart, allowing you to create a flawless finish and impress your clients. If you have to take a loan to buy your equipment, consider it. Consider how much you need to borrow, how much you’ll need to earn to pay it back, how much profit you expect to make, and how much time you will have wasted doing the same thing you’re doing now (brush and roller) that makes you nothing more than an average decorator. To learn more about buying machines, check out our sister company SMS Spray Supplies.

Develop Your Technique Through Practice and Training

Kitchen spray painters know that practice makes perfect. The more time you spend honing your spray painting technique, the more adept you’ll become at achieving a flawless finish. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, so expect it to take time, and I’m guessing that Rome wasn’t built by inexperienced architects. I’m sure when Romulus and Remus started to build Rome in 753 B.C., even they had a certain amount of knowledge and skill. Picking up your starting skills will involve enrolling in professional training courses that focus on spray painting kitchens. From there, consider continual learning and development on courses that will allow you to develop your spraying; and for those considering it, you can’t learn how to spray professionally from Youtube videos.

Pay Close Attention to What You Do

A smooth, durable finish starts with meticulous surface preparation. Skipping the basics won’t give you advanced finishes. I’ve seen so many lazy decorators think spraying allows them to cut corners, skip steps and do things too quickly. Spraying does speed things up, but if you’re offering a complete kitchen renovation within a day, the reality is that your focus isn’t on delivering a professional finish to your client. Successful kitchen spray painters don’t cut corners; they work hard, paying close attention to what they do so they get recommended for bigger and more profitable jobs time and again. And don’t forget we all have to wait for paint to dry!


Download Now: Safe operation of an airless spray machine


Building a Thriving Business as a Kitchen Spray Painter

Ok, so that’s the obvious bit done. Now onto the tricky bit, ‘Creating a Thriving Business’. And firstly, thank you for still reading!

As per most blogs, 80% of your competitors will have already turned off and are back to playing Candy Crush or Happy Birds on their mobile phones. So you already have the advantage. You might not agree or do everything I say, but learning from it and implementing what you can, will set you apart.

Establish a Strong Brand and Online Presence

To attract clients and build a successful business, kitchen spray painters must establish a strong brand and online presence. This includes creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website, showcasing your work through high-quality images and engaging content, and leveraging social media platforms to connect with potential clients. By consistently presenting a polished and professional image, you’ll build trust and credibility in the eyes of your target audience. But it takes time. 

Most of your competitors will throw a few social media posts together, create a one-page website in Wix, network with a few friends down the pub and call it a day. Then when that doesn’t work, blame the marketing tools, blame the audience for not being interested, and blame the free youtube videos that they believed could get them 10K of profit in a month. Marketing takes time, but YouTube won’t tell you that when trying to sell you some £299 marketing plan. It’s why when we teach decorators at the Decorators Growth Club, we allow people to develop their marketing correctly and use the data they collect to grow organically.

Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive marketing strategy is essential for kitchen spray painters looking to grow their businesses. I appreciate that I might now be speaking a foreign language, but you really need to learn what a marketing strategy is and how to create one. Your marketing strategy may involve a mix of online and offline tactics, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, print advertising, and networking events. It might start a lot simpler than that. But by building a strategy, you’re aligning yourself with successful kitchen spray painters that have done the same. Always continually monitor your marketing efforts’ effectiveness, as continued success relies on continual improvement.

You can always join The Decorators Growth Club Pro Group and speak to those who have made it successful.

Cultivate Excellent Customer Service Skills

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business, and kitchen spray painters are no exception. This involves being responsive and communicative, listening to your client’s needs and preferences, and exceeding their expectations. By building strong relationships with your clients, you’ll create loyal customers and generate valuable word-of-mouth referrals. I’ve seen many decorators stick their heads in the sand when things go wrong, hoping something will brush over. Honestly, it never does, and fixing issues by speaking to your customer can actually improve your reputation and make referrals easier. Customers know things can go wrong, and all they want is someone to be open and honest.


Staying Ahead of the Curve in the Kitchen Spray Painting Industry

Embrace New Trends and Techniques

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘kept like a mushroom, in the dark and fed on muck’? It’s the same as being a decorator who’s not keeping at least one eye on what’s happening in the decorating industry. As the world adapts, you’ll still be spending hours, days, and weeks using outdated techniques that everybody else has moved on from and who are now completing kitchens much quicker than you are. Whether you like to admit it or not, the world of kitchen design is constantly evolving, with new colours, finishes, and techniques always emerging. Successful kitchen spray painters stay ahead of the curve by keeping a pulse on the latest trends, training and incorporating them into their business. This helps them differentiate their services from the competition and ensures they can meet their client’s diverse needs and preferences. This is where you should be.

Attend Industry Events and Network with Peers

Industry events, such as trade shows, conferences, and workshops, are excellent opportunities for kitchen spray painters to learn about new products, techniques, and trends. I’ve heard many decorators say, ‘I don’t have time to attend; I’m onsite trying to catch up on a project’. But have you ever realised that you’re always onsite, you’re always behind on a project, and you’re always trying to catch up? By attending these events and networking with other decorators and suppliers, you’ll expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights to help you stay ahead in the competitive market. Additionally, building connections with others in the industry can lead to potential collaborations or referrals, further bolstering your business. You’re here to learn how other kitchen spray painters make it work, so take the time to learn from them, and it’ll work for you too.

Continuously Improve and Adapt

The most successful kitchen spray painters understand there’s always room for improvement. Continuously seeking feedback from clients and peers and evaluating your work will help you identify areas where you can improve and grow. Being open to change and adapting your processes and techniques as needed will ensure that you remain at the top of your game in the ever-evolving world of kitchen spray painting. As I alluded to above, if you are still working the same way now as you were ten years ago, it’s time to look at your system and update it.

Becoming a successful kitchen spray painter requires a combination of technical mastery, business savvy, and dedication to staying ahead of industry trends. By investing in high-quality equipment and materials, honing your technique through practice and training, and building a strong brand and online presence, you’ll be well on your way to making a name for yourself in the world of colourful kitchens. Don’t be afraid to be edgy and confrontational when necessary, but always maintain the professionalism that will impress your clients and help your business thrive. You can transform your passion for kitchen spray painting into a thriving, rewarding career with hard work and determination.



I hope the above helped. Below I’ve summed up some of the main questions we get asked.

Question 1: How do I choose the best paint for kitchen spray painting projects?

A: When selecting paint for kitchen spray painting, opt for high-quality, durable products designed explicitly for spraying. Tikkurila, Renner & Isomat paints are popular choices, as they provide excellent adhesion and a smooth, professional finish. You can speak to the team at SMS Spray Supplies for more information.

Question 2: How can I ensure a smooth, even finish when spray painting kitchen cabinets?

A: Proper surface preparation, such as cleaning, sanding, and priming, is essential for achieving a smooth, even finish. Additionally, use high-quality paint specifically designed for spraying, and select the appropriate spray tip size and air pressure settings for your project. Regularly practice your spray painting technique to refine your skills and achieve a flawless finish. On our courses, we go step by step through the process to ensure you have both the skill and the knowledge to expand that skill.

Question 3: How can I stay up-to-date with the latest kitchen spray painting trends and techniques?

A: To stay informed about the latest trends and techniques in kitchen spray painting, consider attending industry events, such as trade shows, conferences, and workshops. You can also network with fellow professionals, join online forums and social media groups, and subscribe to industry publications to stay in the loop. We recommend joining the Spraying Makes Sense Facebook Group, with almost 14,000 members with similar questions or answers.

Question 4: What steps can I take to grow my kitchen spray painting business?

A: To grow your kitchen spray painting business, focus on building a strong brand and online presence, developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, and providing exceptional customer service. Improving your skills and staying current with industry trends will also help set you apart from the competition. Head over to our marketing channel, The Decorators Growth Club and learn how you can do precisely what other decorators do to make it a success.

Question 5: Are there any specific training courses for kitchen spray painters?

A: There are professional training courses specifically designed for kitchen spray painters. These courses can help you master the art of spray painting, learn about the latest techniques and equipment, and develop the skills needed to achieve a flawless finish on kitchen cabinets. Look for reputable training academies or workshops in your area or online. 


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