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The Benefits of Taking a Spray Plastering Course

plastering course

Let’s face it – traditional plastering can be a painstakingly slow process. It’s messy, time-consuming, and physically exhausting. You’re a hard-working decorator or plasterer who always strives for the best, but there are only so many hours in a day. How often have you wished for a more efficient way to complete your projects? Or for a method that would help you create smoother finishes in less time, with less mess?

Spray plaster is a game-changer

Well, spray plaster is a game-changer, and it’s time you discover its potential. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the many benefits of taking a spray plastering course and what it can do for your business. We’re not here to forcefully sell you a course; our courses sell themselves when people realise the potential they give. We want to guide you through the transformation that a plastering course can bring to your business – from increased speed and profitability to expanding your skillset and improving the final look of your projects.

Same old plastering process

If you’re tired of the same old plastering process, yearning for a cleaner workspace, or maybe fed up with the plasterers before you who do half a job and make your life difficult, then keep reading. It’s time to explore the world of spray plastering and see how it can redefine your work for the better.


The Evolution of Plastering

Over the centuries, plastering techniques have continually evolved. Traditionally, plastering has been a manual process involving the application of several layers of plaster mix using hand tools. While effective, this process is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and can be messy. Now, we know back in the 1900s, there was no alternative, but if you’re still using the same process in 2023, it’s time to reconsider.

The advent of modern technology has revolutionised the plastering process, offering a new, more efficient method: spray plastering. Rather than manually applying plaster, spray plastering involves using a machine to distribute the plaster onto a surface evenly. This method is faster, more consistent, and allows for a cleaner workspace.

It’s not an entirely new concept 

Spray plastering is not a completely new concept. It’s been around for several decades. However, it’s only recently gained significant popularity in the construction and decorating industry. The reason? People are waking up to its highly efficient and superior results compared to traditional plastering methods.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global shotcrete-sprayed concrete market size was valued at $7.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $12.4 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 5.8% from 2021 to 2028. This growth signifies the rising adoption of spray techniques in plastering and similar processes.


This evolution in plastering allows decorators and plasterers to significantly improve their service offerings, efficiency, and overall profitability. However, proper training is paramount to effectively use this technology and reap its benefits, and that’s where a spray plastering course comes into play.

The Immediate Benefits of Spray Plastering

Spray plastering has been hailed as a game-changer in the decorating and plastering industry. But what is it about this technique that has professionals raving? The immediate benefits of spray plastering are significant and transformative, promising efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Speed and Efficiency:

Spray plastering is much faster than the traditional hand method, and it reduces the application time by almost half, allowing professionals to take on more projects and increase their revenue. A study by PFT, a leading provider of plastering technology, found that plasterers could cover up to 300 square meters per day with spray plastering, compared to 70-100 square meters with manual plastering.

Smooth Finish:

The spray method ensures a consistent, even coating of plaster, resulting in a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing finish. This superior finish can increase customer satisfaction and demand for your services.

Less Waste:

With spray plastering, the plaster is directed precisely where it’s needed, reducing the amount of excess and waste. This not only makes it a more environmentally friendly option but also saves on material costs.

Cleaner Workspace:

The process of spray plastering is less messy than traditional plastering. There’s less dust and debris, which means less time spent on clean-up and a more professional-looking workspace.

Health and Safety:

Less dust and debris also mean a healthier work environment. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), construction dust is a significant health risk, causing lung diseases, including asthma, COPD, and silicosis. The cleaner process of spray plastering can significantly reduce this risk.

To fully appreciate and take advantage of these benefits, proper training in spray plastering is essential. A professional plastering course can give you the skills and knowledge to master this technique and revolutionise your business.


The Long-Term Benefits of a Spray Plastering Course

Investing in a spray plastering course is not only about learning a new technique – it’s about setting yourself up for long-term success in your business. Here are some of the long-term benefits that such a course can offer:

Broadening your skill set:

A spray plastering course expands your repertoire of skills, making you more versatile and marketable. It’s not just about plastering – it’s about understanding the nuances of new technology, mastering its application, and knowing how to handle the equipment. The broader your skill set, the more attractive you are to potential clients.

Increased job opportunities:

With your new skills, you can take in a broader range of projects. You’re no longer just a plasterer or a decorator – you’re a specialist in spray plastering. This opens up a whole new market of clients looking for the unique benefits of spray plastering.

Higher earning potential:

As your efficiency increases, so does your capacity to take on more work. With spray plastering, you can complete projects faster and to a higher standard, leading to increased customer satisfaction, more referrals, and, ultimately, more work. According to a report by GoContractor, increasing productivity by just one percent can lead to significant gains in the construction industry.

Improved business reputation:

Producing high-quality work in a shorter timeframe can significantly enhance your reputation. Clients appreciate efficiency and quality, and by delivering these consistently, you’ll build a strong reputation that can secure your business’s future.

Future-proofing your business:

The construction industry is continually evolving, with new technologies and techniques constantly emerging. By staying up-to-date with the latest methods, like spray plastering, you’re future-proofing your business. You’re showing your clients – and your competition – that you’re adaptable, forward-thinking, and committed to delivering the best possible service.

In short, a spray plastering course is an investment that can pay significant dividends over the long term. It can give you the edge you need to thrive in a competitive market, boosting your business now and well into the future.

The Benefits for Decorators

For decorators, learning spray plastering is a game-changer. Why? Because it adds an entirely new dimension to your capabilities and services, which can be a significant advantage in a highly competitive field. Here’s how:

Expanded service offerings:

As a decorator, your work typically involves enhancing the interior or exterior of a building with colour, wallpaper, or fabric. By learning spray plastering, you’re adding another service to your portfolio that can attract a broader range of clients. You’re no longer just a decorator; you’re a decorator who can also provide high-quality plastering services.

Increased efficiency:

As mentioned earlier, spray plastering is faster and more efficient than traditional plastering methods. This increased efficiency can free up more time to take on additional decorating projects, thus increasing your potential income.

Improved final results:

Spray plastering results in a smoother and more uniform surface than traditional methods. This gives you a better canvas for your decorating work, allowing you to achieve superior final results. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients.

A competitive edge:

In a crowded market, it’s essential to differentiate yourself from other decorators. By offering spray plastering services, you’re setting yourself apart from the competition. This unique selling point can be a significant advantage when potential clients decide who to hire for their decorating needs.

Reduced reliance on subcontractors:

Sometimes, decorating work requires some plastering to be done before you can begin. By learning spray plastering, you’re reducing your reliance on subcontractors, giving you more control over the project timeline and quality of work.

As this article from The Guardian explains, diversifying your skills and services is a crucial strategy for small businesses. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, keeping your skill set current and diverse can be the key to ongoing success. By adding spray plastering to your repertoire, you’re staying ahead of the curve and positioning yourself as a decorator of the future.


Making the Decision to Invest in a Course

Investing in a spray plastering course can feel like a leap of faith. You’re putting your time, money, and effort into learning a new skill, hoping it will pay off in the future. But as with any business decision, weighing the potential benefits against the initial investment is important. Here’s why investing in a plastering course is a smart move:

Hands-on experience:

Learning from online tutorials or books can only take you so far. With a plastering course, you’re getting hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced professionals. This practical knowledge is invaluable when you start doing your own spray plastering projects.

Access to expert knowledge:

Spray plastering courses are taught by professionals with years of experience in the field. They can share tips and tricks not readily available elsewhere, helping you avoid common mistakes and improve efficiency.

Networking opportunities:

When you attend a plastering course, you meet others in your field who want to expand their skills. These networking opportunities can lead to future collaborations, job opportunities, or simply a chance to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals.

The immediate return on investment:

Once you’ve completed the course, you can immediately start offering spray plastering services to your clients. This means that you can start earning back your initial investment straight away.

Future-proofing your business:

As we’ve discussed earlier, spray plastering is a skill of the future. By learning it now, you’re ensuring that your business remains competitive in the future.

Deciding to invest in a plastering course is a decision to invest in yourself and your business. As this Forbes article points out, investing in yourself is one of the best returns on investments you can have. Whether investing in learning a new skill, developing yourself personally or professionally, tapping into your creativity or hiring a coach, you need to give to yourself before you can give to others. Investing in a spray plastering course gives you the tools and knowledge to thrive in your career.



Taking the plunge to learn a new skill like spray plastering isn’t just about picking up a new technique; it’s about embracing a better way to work that delivers superior results for clients, adds value to your services, and ultimately boosts your bottom line.

Spray plastering is more than just a trend in the decorating and plastering industry; it’s quickly becoming the standard and for good reason. It offers efficiency, quality, and versatility that traditional methods can’t match. And the benefits of a spray plastering course extend beyond the immediate skills you’ll acquire. It’s an investment in your future, providing you with a competitive edge in an ever-evolving industry.

As this article from Forbes suggests, investing in yourself often yields the highest returns. By embracing new techniques like spray plastering, you’re investing in your business and your personal growth as a professional.


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that deciding to learn a new skill and invest in a spray plastering course can raise many questions. We’ve gathered some of the most common queries we receive to help clarify any uncertainties you may have.

Q1: How long does it take to learn spray plastering?

A1: The learning curve can vary depending on your previous experience and the level of mastery you wish to achieve. However, with a professional course, you can gain the fundamental skills and knowledge in a few days. This includes both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice.

Q2: Is investing in a spray plastering machine worth the cost?

A2: Absolutely. A high-quality spray plastering machine not only improves the efficiency and quality of your work but also pays for itself over time by allowing you to take on more projects and reduce waste.

Q3: What are the primary benefits of spray plastering over traditional methods?

A3: Spray plastering offers several advantages over traditional methods, including faster application, a smoother finish, less waste, and easier clean-up. It also opens up the potential for decorators to expand their services and increase profitability.

Q4: I’m a decorator. Can I learn spray plastering?

A4: Definitely! Spray plastering isn’t just for plasterers, and decorators can significantly benefit from learning this technique as it expands their skillset and allows them to offer additional services to their clients.

Q5: How can a spray plastering course improve my business?

A5: A spray plastering course can significantly improve your business by equipping you with a new, high-demand skill. Offering spray plastering services can lead to increased client satisfaction, the ability to take on more jobs, and, ultimately, higher profitability.


Take Action Now

It’s time to stop contemplating and start transforming. If you’re ready to take your plastering or decorating business to new heights, there’s no better moment than now to take action.

By signing up for a plastering course with PaintTech Training Academy, you’re not just investing in a new skill but also the future of your business. With our professional training, you’ll be equipped to deliver faster, cleaner, and superior-quality finishes that will wow your clients and elevate your professional standing.

We understand that every journey begins with a first step, and we’re here to walk you through it. If you’re interested in our plastering course, visit our website here to learn more about how to get started.

Remember, CITB funding may be available to support your training. If you want to explore this opportunity, please reach out to us.

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your skills and expand your business. Make a difference today for a more profitable and satisfying tomorrow. Take the first step and sign up for a plastering course with PaintTech Training Academy. Your future self will thank you!


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