Airless-discounter and their blog about PaintTech Academy

Airless Discounter are a not only a supplier of Graco & Wagner spray machines but they also sell their own brand called Farbmax. They are constantly developing new machines and products to benefit the spraying industry. We were approached by Airless Discounter who are based in Berlin asking if they could run a blog about […]

Tritech Sprayers and why PaintTech recommends them!

PaintTech were approached by Aristospray who are the UK’s exclusive importers of American designed, engineered and manufactured TriTech Airless spray machines after the Painting & Decorating show at the end of last year, they wanted us to trial one of their machines to see our thoughts. We have been spraying for over 20 years and have worked […]

PaintTech & Tikkurilla – the perfect combo!

PaintTech are constantly testing products both currently on the market or new to the market, looking for the best products to work with our systems. We research and test products in a real time environment to make sure they will work as we need them to and replace or dismiss ones that work or don’t!. We met […]

Kolorbond and UPVC Spraying

Kolorbond – Who are they? Have you noticed that when people get new plastic windows they are a really cool grey instead of white or mahogany? How do they do this? Is it grey plastic? Well no it isn’t, a company called Kolorbond spray the brand new white plastic and then the windows go out […]