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Why is spraying a kitchen more profitable?

spraying a kitchen

When it comes to running a decorating business, the old saying “time is money” rings truer than ever especially when spraying a kitchen. For decorators, the quicker you can complete a project without compromising quality, the more profitable your business becomes. Let’s put this into perspective. Assume you have a complete kitchen cabinet refurbishment job, and you’ve quoted a total of £3000 for the job.

If you’re using traditional methods, i.e., a brush and roller, it might take up to 10 days to complete the kitchen to a high standard. Now, consider this: with the right equipment and skills, spraying those kitchen cabinets can cut that time in half, meaning you could finish the job in 5 days. You’re probably saying, ‘Well, I get paid for time, not results,’ and if that is the case, then it’s time to change your thinking. Customers want a result, not the number of days you’re in their home. They only base it on time because you’ve told them it’s what they’re paying for. Isn’t it time you got paid for the results?

The Financial Equation

On the surface, both methods get you £3000, apart from time, what’s the difference? It’s also your value. Here’s where the profitability factor comes into play. With the traditional method, you earn £300 per day (£3000 divided by ten days). However, with the spray method, your earning potential doubles to £600 per day (£3000 divided by five days). It’s the same kitchen, the same price, but a different method and a significantly different earning potential.

The Challenges with Traditional Painting Methods for Kitchens

Time-Consuming and Physically Demanding

Don’t get me wrong, traditional painting methods are reliable. They lasted centuries and are used worldwide; we’re not saying they need to be stopped altogether, just advanced a little. The wheel has been around for just as long, but now we have cars. Society took what worked and evolved it. Now we can get to places quicker and in greater comfort. Why, can this not be the same for traditional decorating? Because applying paint with a brush or roller is time-consuming and physically demanding, much like the wheel, we have to evolve to avoid extended periods of standing, bending, and reaching, which can strain your body over time. A spray machine to the brush is like a car to the wheel.

Inconsistent Results

Moreover, achieving a smooth, even finish on kitchen cabinets using a brush or roller can be a daunting task. It requires a certain level of skill and patience, and even then, brush strokes may still be visible, or the finish might not be as uniform as you’d like. Ok, spraying takes skill, but the same amount of training on a machine compared to a brush gives you a better finish, makes more money and gives you time back in your day. I know what I’d rather train on.

Client Expectations

Lastly, clients today often desire a ‘factory finish’ look, which is difficult to achieve with traditional painting methods. Not meeting these expectations can lead to dissatisfied clients and harm your business’s reputation. If you are not convinced, then ask yourself, how do Ikea and B&Q do it? I don’t think they have thousands of people in a warehouse painting by hand. Because at some part in the manufacturing cycle, they spray!

The Advantages of Spraying a Kitchen

Efficiency and Speed

The most evident advantage of spraying a kitchen is the efficiency it provides. As stated above, spraying can drastically reduce the time spent on a project, directly translating into increased profitability. It’s simple math; the more projects you can fit into a year, the more you get paid. Plus, as the results are superier, you can charge extra for better.

Quality of Finish

In addition to efficiency, spray painting can produce a smooth, uniform, and professional finish that is often superior to brush or roller-applied paint. This high-quality finish can meet clients’ high expectations and set you apart from competitors.


Spraying is also remarkably versatile. It’s not limited to walls and ceilings, as it can be used on various surfaces, including cabinets, doors, and furniture. This makes it an ideal method for kitchen refurbishment projects, where different surfaces and materials are often involved. Handling these varied tasks proficiently with a spray gun enhances a decorator’s value proposition to clients and can open up new, lucrative project opportunities.

With spray painting, decorators can overcome the challenges associated with traditional methods, deliver higher-quality finishes, and drive their business growth. However, this requires professional training and support – precisely what PaintTech Training Academy offers. Our courses are designed to equip decorators with the essential skills and knowledge to make spraying a kitchen achievable and highly profitable.


Spraying Multiple Projects at Once: Utilising a Warehouse or Work Unit

The best thing about spray painting is the choices you get to make. Spraying a kitchen does not necessarily mean spraying on-site. Though we teach on-site kitching and furniture spraying, an innovative strategy that has proved to be highly beneficial for many decorators is off-site spraying. This is where the decorator removes the cabinet doors and drawers from the client’s home and transports them to a dedicated spraying space like a warehouse or work unit. Our course teaches all the skills to do this, and our online community is full of people who have transitioned to do this.

Increased Productivity

Spraying off-site presents a unique opportunity for decorators to take on multiple kitchen projects at once. Instead of being confined to one project at a time, you can collect the removable parts from several kitchens, line them up in your workspace, and get spraying. This strategy significantly increases productivity. You’ll be able to spray, allow drying time, and apply a subsequent coat across multiple projects, all within the same timeframe that might have been spent on a single kitchen on-site.

Optimising Client Experience

Working off-site also enhances the client experience. Kitchens are the heart of the home and can be pretty disruptive when out of use for a significant period. By taking the mess and fuss of the job away from the client’s home, you allow them to maintain the usage of their space while the work is being done.

Controlled Environment and Reduced Risks

Another advantage of this approach is your control over your environment. On-site work often comes with the worry of potential overspray, accidental damage to other items, or issues with dust and debris. In your workspace, you can control these factors more effectively. This results in a higher quality finish and less stress about potential on-site problems.

Flexibility and Comfort

Working from a warehouse or work unit provides you the comfort and flexibility of operating on your own schedule. There are no clients to potentially rush you or no unexpected interruptions. This controlled setting allows you to focus on the task at hand without the pressure of being watched. It means you can take a well-deserved break when you need it without any eyebrows being raised. The only downside is you might have to make your own cups of tea and sausage sandwiches!

Implementing this strategy may require some initial set-up, but the benefits, in the long run, make it a worthwhile investment. If you’re thinking, ‘I can’t afford my own unit’, we’ll that’s the idea behind spraying. To get you there, and it can.

By incorporating this into your service offerings, you not only increase your productivity and profitability but also improve your client’s experience. It’s a win-win situation brought about by the innovative possibilities of spraying a kitchen.

Why are we big advocates?

The Drive for Change

Recognising these challenges and the immense potential of spray painting, we established the PaintTech Training Academy. The motivation was simple: we wanted to improve the industry. We had experienced the benefits of spraying a kitchen firsthand, and we knew that if more decorators adopted this method, they could enhance their profitability significantly. Look, I want to avoid coming across with a hero complex, saving decorators from bad backs and low bank balances because I also realised that the more decorators we had spraying, the more popular it would become. The more in-demand spray painters would be. So by working to improve the sector, bring it into the 21st century and grow the trade, we knew everyone would win.

The Struggle for Support

When we first started out, the support for decorators wanting to make the switch to spray painting was lacking. Guidance from companies was minimal, and structured training programs were virtually non-existent. We found ourselves learning through trial and error, which, while valuable, was a slow and often costly process.

Our experiences and struggles led to the birth of PaintTech Training Academy. We wanted to provide the support and training we wished we’d had when we started. We aimed to help decorators transition to spraying to do jobs such as kitchen refurbishments more efficiently and profitably, reducing the learning curve and helping them avoid our mistakes. Our training programs provide practical, hands-on training that equips decorators with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry’s future. 

Thankfully our efforts paid off, and the trade has grown, and because of it, many other training providers, appreciating we are the leaders in this sector, have since copied our approach in offering spray training. All the merrier because we have a long way to go as a sector.

Elevate Your Business with Kitchen Spraying

The decorating industry has evolved significantly over the years. Traditional methods, while they have their place, can be time-consuming and physically demanding, especially regarding kitchen refurbishments. Introducing spraying techniques into your skillset doesn’t just signify a move with the times but also a strategic choice aimed at boosting productivity, profitability, and the quality of your work.

The compelling advantages of spraying a kitchen over traditional painting methods are impossible to ignore. Improved efficiency, speed, a high-quality finish, versatility and the potential to manage multiple projects at once are just a few of the benefits. As a professional decorator, it’s about embracing the changes and harnessing these innovative methods to increase your profit margins. Do you want to be stuck on the wrong side of the conversation when customers ask, ‘do you spray paint’?

Spraying kitchens off-site in a warehouse or work unit can significantly enhance your business model. The idea of multiple projects being completed concurrently not only maximises your time and income but also minimises disruption to your clients. It’s a fresh approach to providing decorating services that meet the demands of a modern, fast-paced industry. But we appreciate it takes time to get to that level of profitability where you can afford a unit, so our on-site kitchen and furniture course teaches you on-site to get you started. 

The leap from traditional methods to spraying kitchens may seem daunting, but the rewards are substantial. By investing time in learning and mastering these new techniques, you’re investing in the future of your business. Remember, in the world of decorating and refurbishments; it’s the quality of the result that the client is paying for, not the time it takes to achieve it. Suppose they do question the time it took, then question how you sold the product. Have you just sold your time for less value?

Your move towards spraying kitchens can create a more efficient, profitable and competitive business. It’s about taking your business to a new level, working smarter, not harder, and delivering a service that exceeds your client’s expectations. The future is here. The future is spraying a kitchen.


Next Steps

At PaintTech Training Academy, we have courses designed specifically for decorators like you. We’ll equip you with the skills you need to transition smoothly from traditional methods to spraying kitchens. Not only will we help you master the technical aspects, but we’ll also show you how to structure your services for maximum profitability.

Don’t let fear of change hold you back. Reach out to us, let’s talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. You’ll be surprised how a little training can take your business to a whole new level. Your future as a successful, profitable decorator starts here. This is the invitation you’ve been waiting for.


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