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Year in Review: Looking Back at 2022

As we enter the year in review of 2022 and move into 2023, we’re taking this time to reflect on what 2022 has given us. From the winter games to the Queens Platinum Jubilee to the passing of said Queen, it’s been a 2022 to remember. Not forgetting the world cup, though, for some on this side of the border, we might want to forget.  


Post Covid Year in Review

But closer-to-home business has taken off again after a rough 2020 and 2021 from Covid. We’ve seen more and more decorators given the opportunity to re-launch and grow once again, and it’s been an honour to be there to help and see that happen. 

For us, it started busy. Those who had courses booked but on hold during covid, rescheduled,and those who became interested during restrictions booked. Working with new and returning decorators, seeing people wanting to grow their businesses was amazing. With more people booking courses to add new skills to their business, we had a feeling 2022 was going to be an excellent year for them and us. 


Time to grow 

So, with people attending courses after Covid, we felt it was time to grow. We wanted to ensure we could manage the number of enquiries we had with students booking courses. To do that, we decided to take on new sales and marketing staff to help drive awareness of our academies and courses.  


More great things’.  

But we saw an influx in engagement, and with a list of people who wanted to attend, we wanted to make sure decorators realised the benefits of how adding spray painting or wallpapering could increase a decorator’s profit and make being a decorator more enjoyable. Having a more significant sales and marketing team in 2022 also meant we could create new course dates and, later in the year, an entirely new range of courses. 


New Trainer 

With a larger sales and marketing presence, came even more interest and more enquires,  this allowed us to take on a new trainer to the team to assist with our newly created 2022 business & project management courses; we welcomed Dave Armstrong. 


CITB expanded their funding<span data-ccp-props=”{“201341983″:0,”335559739″:0,”335559740″:240}”>

In the first half of the year, we had a pleasant surprise for decorators who needed assistance with funding for our courses. Most of you will know that we work closely with CITB offering funding to small and medium-sized businesses to attend our training courses. CITB changed their entry requirements to allow micro businesses to apply for £2500 worth of funding per year if they were registered for CIS. As per the £5000 given to limited companies, this is also given yearly, opening up training opportunities for thousands more decorators. This has allowed us, along with CITB, to bring more spray paint, wallpapering, decorative, business development and project management courses fully funded to more people in the construction industry. 


Simple Steps To Funding


We trained the trainers. 

With more courses, dates and tutors onboard, it was time for the team to put our money where our mouth is and do some training ourselves. So, in May, Ian and Lyndsey headed State Side to train on Epoxy and machine maintenance. Both attended the Hawk Research Labs in Chicago, learning all about their systems and products for worktop refurbishment while playing around with StoneFlecks and Epoxy Resins to create some incredible samples. Learning this has allowed us to develop in this area and offer Worktop refurbishment courses later in 2022. A few days at Tritech in New Jersey followed a trip to Hawk Research labs. For those interested, it’s worth checking out our video on some of the things we were shown.  



Back in the UK, our success was being noticed as we were awarded winner for the Trades Education Specialist of the Year – at the Innovation and Excellence Awards ceremony in August. Over the last six years, we’ve trained over 3000 people, and it’s fantastic to be noticed for the people we have trained and us. The judge’s comments were a reflection of that. 


“Having reviewed many comments from people who have completed education & training programmes with you, our team were very confident you were very deserving of the recognition. In fact, it actually sounds like you have exceeded expectations. Everything from the content of the courses and after training support to the teaching methods are praised frequently. It is also nice to see some people who have done courses with you have come back to further their knowledge in other areas. It sounds like an exciting time for the organisation and we are very happy to recognise your hard work.” 

year in review


So with such a busy, successful and fantastic year, how could it get busier? How could we expand and grow? Something every business owner should be asking.  

Well, we decided to hit the road and exhibit at the P&D National Show in Coventry, after previously exhibiting at Trade Decorator. For us, seeing so many previous students and hearing about the success they’ve gained since attending the course was brilliant. Also, speak to those who are considering spray painting in their job. 

But most of all, it was an eye-opener to what we still need to do in 2023. 


To do in 2023 

During the event, we noticed from speaking to attendees that many people still aren’t aware of the funding options open to them. Over 2022 we have spoken across all our marketing channels about CITB’s funding and grants that are available to both smaller businesses and limited companies. During this time, we’ve engaged with thousands of people in the construction industry, but the exhibition showed us that there is still much more to do. 

2023 will be difficult for many self-employed decorators and business owners, and it’s on us to help those people upskill and offer more decorating services to their customers. Our spray paint courses allow decorators and others in the construction industry to offer faster, more effective decorating solutions that give a greater finish and better customer results. Spray painting can increase profit by allowing them to charge more for doing something in less time. Our new project management, and estimating courses show you how to  efficiently quote and charge for services instead of time. By adding in new courses such as Worktop Refurbishment, Venetian Plaster, water based finishes and lots of decorative arts courses decorators can  increase their offering to clients  expanding their client base. It’s our job as a training provider to make sure as many people as possible continue to grow their  skills so decorators can navigate through 2023. There’s enough work out there for everyone; so we need to be proactive in getting it. 


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Final thoughts  

With such an action-packed year, it only leaves us with the opportunity to mention The Decorators Growth Club. This was the brainchild of Ian and other affiliates to help decorators develop other marketing and business skills through an online support group. With a year of unknowns, it is prudent to make sure that you are marketing and running your business in the best possible way, this allows you to market to more clients, better clients and take on more profitable projects next year. If you need that help, head to our free marketing group on Facebook, or for those ready to take the next step and work as a team to drive results, join the Pro members group for just £25 per month. It’s simple to join and you can leave anytime.  




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