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Kitchen Cabinet Spraying VS HSL

Kitchen cabinet spraying

Those that run decorating businesses tend to fall into one of three categories. Those that take on anything and everything at a discounted rate to build their portfolio and reputation, mostly new small/one person businesses entering the market. Secondly, those that accept anything that comes their way but charge in the region that helps make a profit, which tends to be more established businesses. And finally, those that have niched down, and have specialised in only doing one thing, maybe commercial projects, or exteriors, UPVC, internal decorating, HSL’s or Kitchen Cabinet Spraying.

In this blog we want to focus on the last two mentioned above, because out of all the decorators we train we find HSL and Kitchen Cabinet Spraying are the most popular. HSL for the amount of customers wanting them, and Kitchen Cabinet Spraying for the profit and reward.

Let’s break down what each is…

Halls Stairs Landing (HSL)

If you’re a professional decorator, then there’s really not much to say. This is the bread and butter of decorating. It’s the first thing you do when becoming a decorator because these jobs tend to be the easiest to get. Along with bedroom walls.

Set up a Facebook page, basic website, some flyers and hit the Facebook Groups to promote yourself and boom, quotes from everywhere. The only issue is that 80% seem to be tyre kickers with little or no budget. So, the only decision you have to make is what to charge. Are you going to make a loss, or turn it down until you can make a profit. Which of the first two categories do you fall into.

A staple diet of HSL

For those of you reading this who are still building up your decorating business you’ll start to learn how important HSL’s are to your staple decorating diet. HSL’s help you grow, but you’ll probably still be using brush and rollers so you need to decide when’s best to make that switch to spray painting, because it doesn’t matter what ‘old school’ decorators tell you, if you want to make money, if you want to deliver a better quality above your competitors then spraying is your better option.

Kitchen Cabinet Spraying

We’ve been running the C&G Kitchen and Furniture on-site spraying course for many years and each year it gets busier and busier. There really has been a shift to kitchen cabinet spraying and other high-end decorating projects partly due to the rise in customers wanting that service, but also decorators realising the potential profit in kitchen cabinet spraying.

It takes time

Kitchen cabinet spraying is not something that can suddenly be picked up and done by decorators with no kitchen cabinet spraying experience, regardless of how many people tell you in decorators support groups or YouTube videos. It takes training, you need support and the opportunity for ongoing learning.

Unlike HSL, Kitchen cabinet spraying involves building a system that works for you. Do you spray on-site like we teach on our course? Or do you take the doors off and head back to your unit to spray? Adapting the process we teach you.

Kitchen cabinet spraying projects also tend to be more efficient than HSL jobs. Instead of dealing with multiple surfaces and often awkward spaces that come with HSL jobs, kitchen cabinet spraying focuses on one specific area. This means you can complete the job quicker and move on to the next, boosting your overall income.

The competitive angle.

As I mentioned on the opening paragraph, some decorators have got their niche. They have found their area of expertise and doubled down on it. Most others still flit between HSL, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens taking what they can when they can, and that’s ok. Even though we recommend people find their niche in something like kitchens, we understand that for some it’s just not possible.

Moving slowly into kitchen cabinet spraying, making that your niche, finding a system that works and marketing more of those services works. It allows you to find some of the higher paid clients that can afford your services and want kitchen cabinet spraying. Over time you transform your business into a highly enjoyable and profitable decorating business.

How to make more money with kitchen cabinet spraying

With the cost of living crisis, people are tightening their belts. So, if you’ve been targeting those with a mid-value budget, they’re going to be looking for a budget deal. But as kitchen cabinet spraying normally targets those with larger more comfortable budgets, even if they do tighten their belts, it’s normally still well within a level of acceptability that covers costs and makes profit.

Setting Goals

If you are currently taking on a variety of projects and want to start to niche in kitchen cabinet spraying, we don’t advise suddenly stopping what you’re doing, or changing all your marketing to kitchens because as with everything, it takes time, and you need to set goals. Maybe, one kitchen cabinet spraying for every five HSL or bedroom/living room spraying jobs, would be a realistic goal to start with.


With marketing, slowly drip in kitchen visuals into your social media, not replacing what you’ve been doing but adding to it. If you haven’t been running ads, run a few Kitchen Cabinet Spraying adverts as this will target a new audience.

Getting the right training

To make the most of this opportunity, it’s crucial that you possess the right skills. Our Kitchen and Furniture Spray Painting course is specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed to deliver top-quality kitchen cabinet spraying services.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Training not only helps you perform better but also signals to your potential customers that you are serious about your craft. In an industry where many are self-taught, having formal training can give you a competitive edge.


In the battle of kitchen cabinet spraying vs HSL, the former clearly has a distinct edge. By choosing to specialise in kitchen cabinet spraying, you can increase your profitability, provide more satisfying results to your customers, and enjoy a greater sense of fulfilment from your work. However, to excel in this niche, quality training is indispensable.


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