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Whether you have been decorating for one month, one year or a decade, we all need to develop. We all need to learn, and learning to spray is just one of those things that decorators can do to advance their skills and take their business to the next level. Particularly for those taking our kitchens & furniture spraying course and moving into the very lucrative world of kitchen renovations.


Kitchens & Furniture spraying

Airless spraying, or HVLP, is an amazing system for kitchen refurbishment. It’s a cleaner and more efficient way to paint and decorate an entire kitchen.

The process is much quicker than traditional methods, giving you more time to spend on other things. But we appreciate that spraying isn’t just something you can pick up overnight, and to master spraying and make it profitable, you need to learn via a hands-on course, somewhere you can pick up a gun and be taught what is right and wrong. Such as the C&G Kitchens & Furniture On-Site Spraying Course that we offer, here at any of PaintTech Training Academy’s UK based centres. But it’s easy to say, come here, we have a course. We also know that trying to find the funds to pay for such a course can be out of the question for some. It’s a weird chicken and egg cycle. You need to make money spraying to afford to attend a spray course, but you need to attend a spray course to get the skill to make enough profit to afford the course.


Up step CITB!


CITB, or its full name, The Construction Industry Training Board, is responsible for assisting companies and individuals in the construction industry, which covers decorators, to train themselves or staff to a competent or highly skilled level that allows them to grow and make more profit. If you ever thought that being a decorator was a lonely world, note that no one else has anything like CITB or offers what CITB can offer us.


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CITB’s plan

The problem CITB and we see is a lower productivity rate in the UK compared to many other countries, and the CITB want to stop that. The government through CITB want people like you to become a high-earning self-employed person or highly paid PAYE, as they believe not only will it bring growth to the economy, and create more taxes, but also create happier workers. Now, don’t see the desire to pay more tax as a bad thing, if you’re paying more tax then you’re earning a bucket load more money.

The CITB aims to help by using both government money and levies on a bigger company to substitute your training.


How much can I get

PaintTech working with CITB allows business owners with employees to gain up to £5000 of funding per year to use towards spray painting training. For smaller micro businesses who are registered with CITB and the CIS (construction industry scheme), it’s up to £2500. Our courses funded by CITB allows trades to attend a course such as our Kitchens & Furniture Spraying Course, to learn new skills, to complete projects quickly and with a greater finish which will help them earn more profit.


The point of this blog is not to promote our courses, nor to explain how you can make more money after attending our Kitchens & Furniture Spraying Course, or the CITB, but to highlight the benefits of getting £2500 or £5000 per year to use towards spray courses without the need to ever pay it back. Seriously, as a small company, you’ll probably never ever pay it back while continuing to get the same grant year after year.


That’s the bit that most decorators don’t realise or if they’ve heard about it, don’t believe. Let’s take small micro businesses. You could get up to £2500 per year towards a CITB-funded course. If used with PaintTech that £2500 could get you on our Kitchens & Furniture On-Site Spraying Course, C&G Intensive Airless Spraying Course, and our Estimating for Painting & Decorating course all within the first year. The following year with an additional £2500, you could take our wallpapering course and expand your knowledge further. Plus, with new courses being added every year, you could take yourself and your business to a new level, ahead of the game and easily succeeding your local competition.


What do I payback

So what do you have to pay back? If you’re a sole trader, nothing! It’s because CITB won’t take a single penny from you until your PAYE bill is above £120k per year. So, no staff, no repayment. If all your staff earn under £120,000 per year combined, there is no repayment.


Getting your money

The simplest way to apply for funding is to contact us, and we will work with you to get your application form in and pushed through. When sending in an application, it will be reviewed the following month, so often the process can feel like you’ve been forgotten. But with our help, we’ll keep pushing for information on your application and make sure, where possible, it’s successful. We have a very high success rate submitting applications for our course attendees.


So, to kick things off. Book a call with a member of our team to see how CITB can help you progress in your career.

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