Scotland welcomes PaintTech Training Academy..

Scotland Rect

Scotland has a massive shortfall of skilled decorators which has been recognised by the CITB as a problem and has started to be addressed as an issue within our industry. They have launched a pilot scheme which will start September this year and is just a part of their ongoing list of ideas to help […]

How to spray kitchens

PaintTech How To Spray Kitchens

Do you spray kitchens already or hand paint them.. Would you spray kitchens if you had the confidence to do so? Are you worried about overspray? Are you worried about masking? Don’t know where to start with what tip size or pressure? These are just some of the questions that we get asked about ALOT! […]

What is City & Guilds Assured and what does it mean to us and the industry?

City And Guilds Assured

Who are City & Guilds? The City & Guilds of London Institute is an educational organisation that was founded in 1878 to develop a national system of Technical Education. Since 1900 they have operated under Royal Charter which was granted to them by Queen Victoria. City & Guilds is a household brand and a global […]

PaintTech and Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade FAF

Paint Tech Training Academy

HOW THEY THROW A TRADE SHOW IN EUROPE! All I can say is wow!! It’s huge, and when I say huge I mean it stretches over three massive halls, with over 400 companies and suppliers all in one place driving the industry forward. What is FAF? It’s the ultimate trade show for the decorating industry, […]

Testing Airless Spraying Tips


We often get asked about Airless Spraying Tips – which tips to use, what pressure for different products. As a business PaintTech Decorators sprays 90% of their projects 100% of the time. We spend a lot of time on testing machines, tips, extension, products, fillers etc and the list goes on. If we feel that it […]

Airless Spray Plaster from Beissier

Airless Spray Plaster from Beissier

Airless Spray Plaster is something that Beissier have been producing and developing for many years now. Bagar G is probably the one that we in the residential market would be most familiar with so we went to Bessier’s factory in la chapelle-La-Reine France to find out more about the company, the set up and their […]