Is it better to spray or roll paint?

Now, this is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? The long-running debate between decorators is rolling is faster than spraying? Does it take too long to clean out the sprayer making it easier to roll? We have had so many conversations with decorators about the advantages of spraying over rolling. Before we start, it is interesting […]

Apply paint using airless spray machine

In this blog, we will look at how to get the best out of an airless sprayer. We are going to look at the following: Why airless sprayers are a better way to apply paint for both DIY and the professional. The model of sprayers out there that are the best value read this before […]

What is the best paint sprayer for cabinets?

Spraying cabinets or kitchens are a big market in the States and a growing market in the UK. There are two aspects to this; there are old kitchens that need spraying to make them look new, and also there are brand new kitchens that are sprayed when they are manufactured. Sometimes a new kitchen is […]

What is the best paint sprayer for the home?

This is a question that we are commonly asked, and the answer depends on several factors.   First is the type of person you are. Are you an experienced decorator who is looking for a sprayer to spray in people’s homes, or are you a serious do-it-yourself person who wants to achieve a higher level […]

Can you use normal paint in a spray gun?

We are regularly asked this question; it comes in different forms. For example, which paint do I use for this surface. Can my sprayer spray emulsion? What is the best paint to spray? Before we answer the question, we need to clarify what we mean by “normal paint” and exactly what type of “spray gun”. […]

How long can a paint sprayer sit with paint in it?

• We get asked by decorators on a daily business can I leave paint in my sprayer and, if so, for how long • We will explain the best way to look after your machine • How to keep your jobs efficient by not having to clean your machine every two minutes. • Years of […]

A decorators spraying journey

A decorators journey

If you have been decorating for any length of time you will have noticed many changes over the years. Rollers, a long time ago I know but they were met with resistance big time. They were viewed as DIY and many decorators would not be caught using one. Of course, they caught on, mainly because they were faster and easier to use, now most decorators in the world will complete a job using a roller of some kind.

9 Airless Spraying MISTAKES and how to avoid them

9 Airless Spraying MISTAKES

Have a read of a blog written by Mr Fast & Flawless Pete Wilkinson about the 9 most common spraying mistakes and how to avoid them. From overspray to accessories and lots more things inbetrween!

If you could only do one training course what would it be?

Training Course

If you could only do one course what would it be? I posed this question on an earlier linked in post and the general consensus was that mental health, mindfulness and wellbeing are very prevalent right now.  Obviously, I agree, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and I think that courses and training for employees in this field […]

The cost of doing a course

The cost of doing a course

Once you decide to start exploring the world of spraying you become aware that there are costs involved. No more spending a fiver on a roller, some of this stuff is quite expensive. The first thing that you will look at is the sprayer. Oh wow, it’s a mine field, there are loads of sprayers […]