Tritech Sprayers and why PaintTech recommends them!

PaintTech were approached by Aristospray who are the UK’s exclusive importers of American designed, engineered and manufactured TriTech Airless spray machines after the Painting & Decorating show at the end of last year, they wanted us to trial one of their machines to see our thoughts. We have been spraying for over 20 years and have worked hard promoting ourselves to small and medium sizes house builders/developers as decorating contractors who predominantly spray as we have developed a painting system that reduces the time on site dramatically whilst increasing the quality of the work at the same time!

Our aim is to educate the UK construction industry on the benefits of spraying to increase the use of spray machines on site. We are constantly talking to painters working on small residential projects and larger building sites on how they can increase profits and reduce the time they spend on jobs BUT increase the quality and finish of their work too. We created and run Spraying Makes Sense Facebook Group to bring together experienced sprayers and newbies who are looking for guidance and support whilst starting to spray.

Quality of Service from Aristospray

Michael from Aristospray came onto one of our projects to run through how their T5 machine worked & how to break it down to maintain the day to day parts or clear common blockages. Our job pretty much was to “TRY AND BREAK IT!” Well, we have given it a really hard time spraying thousands of litres through this small machine but it really has done exactly what Aristospray and TriTech said it would – it has been pretty much flawless. Downtime has been minimal, no maintenance has been required and we have run various water based products through it without any problems at all.

Our summary of TriTech’s T5 airless sprayer

In short, this machine and TriTech are a welcome addition to the UK airless spray market. The USA are the market leaders in spray technology so it only seems apt that TriTech would produce such a great machine, but more to the point they are so confident they are prepared to give a lifetime warranty on the motor and drive train plus a 2 year packing warranty which significantly reduces the overall lifetime costs. We have recently spoken also to Phil at Airless pro who has said that whilst he has been dealing with Tritech he hasn’t yet had a single one in for repair which shows how solid these machines are!

UPDATE – Well, we finally broke the machine!! BUT it was only the pressure release valve and was replaced within 15 minutes and back to normal.. The only downside was that the part wasn’t in stock with our supplier as they had never had to replace one before!

Go to for more information and your local distributor.

PaintTech Training Academy

Painttech have started PaintTech Training Academy to develop workshops and courses to help decorators by improving spraying techniques, help with products, give tips, tricks and guidance when problems arise. We are striving to convince the market that “Spraying Makes Sense”! Have a look at the website for courses that are running in Preston, Lancashire & Edenbridge, Kent.


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