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Training course in spraying – do I need it?

Do I need a course to show me how to spray? Can a training course really benefit me and my business? If you spend any time reading Facebook posts on various decorators forums then sooner or later you will encounter the “why bother training?” discussion. In fairness these are honest posts and the people contributing are voicing their own valid opinions.  It’s quite common for the argument to go something like;-

Why bother doing a training course, I will just pick it up as I go along, how hard can it be?

To a certain extent I can understand this line of thought however it’s interesting when you consider that productivity in this country is way below our European neighbours who have been spraying in various ways for year. It’s quite a bit lower too. They produce in 4 days the same amount of work that it takes 5 days for us to do. Imagine that! If you got more productive you could earn the same money that you do now but in 4 days. 

Followed by a 3 day weekend. 

Happy days.

I think that on of the main reason that we are less productive is that we spend less money in this country on training courses than our European friends. This is not just in decorating but in all other industries. It has been proven that if a company spends money and time on training then they will get more back in return due to increased productivity. Plus it is a tax deductible expense.

One of the problems with teaching yourself however is that you are being taught by a complete novice and can potentially make some very messy and expensive mistakes. You don’t know what you don’t know and it takes someone with experience to look at what you’re doing, give you feedback on how you are doing and show you where you can improve. We have had quite a few experienced sprayers do the introduction to Airless Spraying Course and they always comment on how much they feel they have learned at the end of the day and how much more confident they feel to take spraying into their clients homes.

Another problem with the self-taught road is that it can be SO frustrating. You buy yourself sprayer and then for the first few months you hit problem after problem. This is usually down to human error and a lack of knowledge how how to use the machines plus the technique but I feel that this is one of the main reasons that decorators dump the sprayer in the garage never to be used again. This is a real shame…

“You can go on a free demo day” I can hear you saying. Yes you can, and  I am sure that these are very informative and give you a real insight into the machines and what they can do. However, demo days are always run by a manufacturer who is there to show you the machine. They are very rarely decorators and they will not be able to answer all your questions. Finally there is very rarely any decent meterage to spray, it’s usually a cubicle or a sheet of MDF. This is not enough to give you the skills to use the machine properly.

All of the teachers at our Academies are Decorators who own and run their own businesses and have sprayed for many years. We know what can go wrong and how to help you overcome those problems on site. We run through lots of issues during the training course and teach you what each problem is, what to look out for and how to overcome it so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.


If you want add airless spraying to your business and book onto one of our training courses then have a look at the website, leave us a message below or BOOK NOW


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