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The business benefits to spraying kitchens

I appreciate that decorators like to say it how it is. You’re a painter and decorator who makes walls and kitchens look new and the client happy. But let’s give it a bit of a marketing spin; let’s sell it. ‘Your business brings residential spaces to life, making old become new, and adding value to homes.  

That sounds good.  

Now, let’s add a cherry on top.  What will make your marketing pop? We do this through spray painting, this is the latest technology in painting and decorating, and brings a quality finish that is very difficult to rival by brush and roller.  

Now that sounds really good. 

So, going back to saying it how it is. Spraying sells, and spraying kitchens sells better, so if you’re still clinging to brushes and rollers, you might miss out on the golden ticket of decorating. But it is also worth noting that spraying kitchens isn’t just a skill, it’s a game-changer in terms of finances and efficiency. 


Why Swapping Brushes for Spray Machines is The Move 

Let’s cut straight to the chase: time is money. Every moment you spend meticulously cutting in with a brush, a fellow decorator with a spray machine has already completed a full cabinet. While the traditional tools of the trade have their place, the modern decorator understands the unmatched efficiency and finish of a good spray machine, like a Tritech. 

Spraying kitchens doesn’t just mean you get the job done quicker; it means freeing up your schedule for more projects, diversifying your portfolio, and, ultimately, driving up your earnings. 


Spraying Kitchens: The Niche to Master 

In the expansive world of decorating, there’s a hot niche that’s rapidly growing in demand, I kind of hinted about it above. Spraying kitchens, and in particular, spraying kitchen cabinets. Homeowners are no longer content with the streaks and marks left by brushes and rollers. They’re looking for that pristine, factory finish that buying new can give you, but they can no longer afford to buy new in the cost of the living crisis.  

But even though they cannot afford new, they are still willing to pay top dollar for spraying their existing kitchen cabinets.  

Remember, when you dive into the world of spraying kitchens, you’re not just offering a service but a premium transformation. 

On-site or Warehouse: Flexibility at Its Best 

The beauty of spraying kitchens lies not just in the finish but also in the flexibility it offers. Whether you’re working directly onsite or choosing to transport cabinet doors to your warehouse for spraying, the possibilities are endless. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the project’s size or the client’s requirements, you’re equipped to deliver impeccable results every time. 


More Projects, More Profits 

Let’s talk numbers. With the faster completion times spraying provides, you’re looking at a clear path to increased profitability. Think about it: fewer hours on one project means the capacity to take on another. And when you can offer a top-tier, flawless finish that brushes can’t achieve, you can justify a higher project cost. 

At the academy, we have a range of spray courses. The Kitchen and Furniture On-Site Spraying course is most suited to this. But spraying kitchens is more than a skill; it’s a strategy. A strategy that promises not only higher earnings per project but also more projects in the same timeframe. So, as well as the above course, we also offer courses in ‘Estimating’ and ‘Project Management’ to give you the tools you need to build and implement your strategy.  

Want to get into spraying new build properties but don’t know what course to do?It’s Time to Level Up 

Change can be intimidating, especially when it involves swapping tried and trusted methods for newer techniques. But stagnation is the true enemy of progress. By embracing paint spraying and niching into kitchen cabinets, you’re positioning yourself at the forefront of the decorating industry. 



Staying Ahead of the Curve 

As the decorating world evolves, so should you. Homeowners are becoming more educated about their choices. The internet has made it easier than ever for them to research and find the best of the best. By equipping yourself with the skill of spraying kitchens, you’re not just stepping up your game – you’re staying leagues ahead of your competition. 


The Environmental Bonus: Cleaner and Greener 

With growing environmental awareness, eco-friendly home renovation practices are a big sell. Spraying kitchens typically uses less paint than traditional brush and roller methods. Less paint means less waste and a smaller environmental footprint. Recycle rather than replace is a phrase we hear almost every day.  Not only are you giving homeowners the finish they crave, but you’re also presenting an environmentally friendly option. And in today’s market, green practices can make a notable difference in a client’s choice of decorator. 


Client Satisfaction: The Ultimate Goal 

At the end of the day, our job as decorators is to leave our clients in awe. When a homeowner walks into their freshly renovated kitchen, witnessing that immaculate, factory-like finish, their satisfaction is palpable. Their glowing recommendations to friends, family, and neighbours? That’s the best marketing you could ask for. And let’s be honest, word-of-mouth, especially in the decorating business, is worth its weight in gold. But take that word of mouth and time by hundreds, maybe even thousands!  With the power of social media; you’ve got a massive marketing advantage over the competition. 


Investing in Your Future 

Embracing the spraying method isn’t just about the here and now. It’s about future-proofing your business. As homes and styles evolve, so do the demands and expectations of homeowners. By mastering the art of spraying kitchens, you’re investing in a skill set that’s highly sought-after today and promises to be even more in demand tomorrow. 



Final Thoughts 

Sure, change can be daunting. But remember, every industry innovates, and those who adapt thrive. Spraying kitchens isn’t just a fleeting technique; it’s the next evolution in decorating. By adopting this method, you’re not just keeping pace – you’re leading the charge. 

So, while brushes and rollers have nostalgic charm, the future belongs to the spray machine. Dive into the world of kitchen cabinet spray painting, elevate your services, boost your profits, and watch as opportunities flow in. There’s a world of potential waiting; all it takes is a leap of faith. 


If you would like to know more about our paint spraying courses, please get in touch. Our team are here to advise and help in any way they can. 



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