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Airless Spray Training with PaintTech & Rhys McWilliams

Rhys & Bobbie of McWilliams Decorators first met us at a Tikkurila Spray Day at the St Helens Store in August last year as they were really interested in Airless Spray Training and how it could work within their business. After the Tikkurila day they went on to book the Introduction to Spraying Course in January. We had a great group on the Introduction Course on the Saturday and everyone got on really well – cut a long story short, Rhys & Bobbie had such a good day that they decided to stay another night and do the Advanced Trim Course the following day.! We decided to go out for dinner on the Saturday evening with Rhys, Bobbie and Keith Gailey who flew in from Ireland and was also staying over – boy can Rhys drink and of course Ian needed no encouragement!

I do have a hilarious video of Ian trying to stagger back to the car so if you remember to ask my at the Painting & Decorating Show then I will show you. Needless to say Sunday morning first thing was interesting and spent laughing with and at him…

Rhys and Bobbie later came to work with PaintTech Decorators on site on a project in Sevenoaks as it was time sensitive and we needed a hand. Tom South also joined us for the week who has done the Introduction to Spraying and Airless Spray Plaster with us. This gave them a great opportunity to see how we put into practise what we teach at the Academy as well as seeing how we manage and organise the work at the same time. Although there were a lot of long hard days we got through a lot of working pulling together as a team – we had lots of comments from the project managers saying how well everyone worked together and what a great vibe there was on site even under pressure.

This week gave Rhys and Bobbie a great opportunity to chat through all sorts or ideas, issues, problems as well as chat about the business side of things as well in the evenings.

Rhys now has the confidence to take on projects that he would previously have walked away from because he would not have know how to tackle it. Now. with the help of PaintTech Training Academy and our Airless Spray Training plus the PTA Support group all our students go into after the courses he has taken on some fantastic projects such as one of the Marriott Hotel Function Rooms.

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