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PaintTech & Tikkurilla – the perfect combo!

PaintTech are constantly testing products both currently on the market or new to the market, looking for the best products to work with our systems. We research and test products in a real time environment to make sure they will work as we need them to and replace or dismiss ones that work or don’t!.

We met Ben Adams of Valtti through LinkedIn who sent us a selection of products from Tikkurilla to test. We used them on different projects and surfaces and now work with the ones that we like the most and believe that this has helped give us the edge in the market.

About Tikkurilla & Valtti

Established in 1862, Tikkurilla is a leading Northern European paint industry professional known for its strong brands, high-quality surface treatment products and expert services, which ensure the best possible user experience in the market. Tikkurila offers a broad range of decorative paints for consumers and professionals for surface protection and decoration. Valtti are the imported in the UK for Tikkurilla products.

Ben and the team at Valtti offer a personal service backed by product knowledge and technical help & advice.

We are one of the main residential sprayers in the south that use Tikkurilla paints so we invited Ben on site to see his products in action in a real life situation!

He was amazed at how well the products sprayed including coverage and opacity. We got Ben to spray a room with the TriTech T5 using Tikkurilla products on walls and woodwork.

We love working with Tikurilla paints for coverage, sheen and durability but for us the number one factor is its touch up capability compared to other products we have used or tested. One major factor/common complaint from sprayers and builders is the perception of how difficult it is to touch up compared with traditional decorating. To us this isn’t a problem because:

1. We do it for you
2. We specify the paint because we know its capabilities

Ben, Valtti & Tikkurilla are huge supporters of PaintTech and the way we are constantly trying to increase the awareness of Spray Technology mixed with advanced paint systems to deliver a combination not seen before in the UK housing market!

We now run our own spraying courses as we are often being asked why there is no availability in the market for courses other than those provided by sellers of paint or machines?
For the first time, we are offering courses designed and developed by decorators that spray on site over 95% of the time for decorators wanting to get into spraying.


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