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Scotland welcomes PaintTech Training Academy..

Scotland has a massive shortfall of skilled decorators which has been recognised by the CITB as a problem and has started to be addressed as an issue within our industry. They have launched a pilot scheme which will start September this year and is just a part of their ongoing list of ideas to help bridge the shortfall.

Our training academy has grown from strength to strength over the last 2 years with 2 new locations added last year in Exeter & Ireland however we were getting so many enquiries from all over Scotland to open a centre that this year we decided to push forward. After chatting to people from Scotland; Glenrothes – Fife seemed a fairly central location.

We have opened in Glenrothes, Fife
.At the end of July we opened the Academy and ran our first course which was our City & Guilds Assured Intensive Airless Spraying.  We have had some fantastic feedback already from those who have done courses with some people coming back for multiple courses already. We have a great set up at the Glenrothes Academy and its a perfect area for learning.
Scottish Decorators Federation

After meeting Scottish Decorators Federation’s Deputy Chief Executive Neil Rodgers last year at the Scottish Painting and Decorating Show we spent a lot of time with him to see how and if we could help the SDF and it members with training.

Neil and the SDF are massively focused on offering quality training throughout Scotland to its members big and small. The passion we have noticed when chatting with SDF members we have had through the courses is fantastic. They are really excited that spraying is here and can incorporate the training within their projects as they can clearly see that there are huge benefits.

PaintTech and our Courses

PaintTech Training Academy are the only training provider that offer certified courses in spraying. We have worked incredibly hard to build courses specifically about spraying and have now been backed by City & Guilds. This is a massive benefit for companies that want to attract new contracts where spraying would be a huge selling point.

We have a wide range of courses designed to help build on your skills as a decorator and are designing more at the moment including a City & Guilds course in Airless Spray plaster. This is a huge game changer for the decorator as we seem to work over bad plaster a lot nowadays.

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How much does our training cost?

To be fair, not as much as you would think! We have a range of prices depending on which course you choose, plus we can offer group discounts and onsite training for larger companies. Click on the links for more details and prices

Introduction to Spraying 

Our City & Guilds Intensive Airless Spraying

Kitchens & Joinery on site 

Fine Finish

Airless Spray Plaster 

You may also be eligible to access funding for training in Scotland so have a chat with Neil Rodgers who is the Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish Decorators Federation or find out who your most local representative is. There are also lots of other member benefits if you join too so have a chat to find out more. 

So, how are PaintTech different from any other training provider?

Well, we are not a huge supplier or manufacturer of any kind and equally have no tie in to any one company, so the information and knowledge that we part with is independent and from experience across the industry; from paint to machine.

Everyone who works within the PaintTech team run their own decorating businesses that specialise in spraying but also cover all other aspects of decorating. Some of us have been spraying since the early 70’s so there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done!

We have a simple statement:

“What we learnt yesterday, we teach today so you benefit tomorrow”

Why bother with Spraying? Surely it’s not worth the hassle!

This is something to be fair we get that a lot, however once you’ve seen the benefits you won’t ever go back! If you don’t believe us then have a look at our Spraying community “Spraying Makes Sense”. This is aFacebook group that we set up over 5 year ago which currently has 7000 members making incredible gains within their businesses.

But what about when it all goes wrong, which it will at some point?

We are still here for you! When we set up the Academy one thing we wanted more than anything was to add a support group for those who have done courses with us because we know that things will go wrong at some point soon after the courses. This group now has over 400 members that have all had the same issues and problems as all new sprayers seem to have. There is no such thing as a dumb question and if you really stuck then all the teachers are there on the phone too.

Want to know more about our courses or want to discuss anything we mention in the blog then contact us using the contact form below.