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Liam’s journey into the world of Airless Spray Training

Liam did his first PaintTech training course around 3 and a half years ago with his brother. He did 4 courses and couldn’t be happier with the results.

What courses with PaintTech did Liam do?

He said they were fantastic and that he really enjoyed them.


What did Liam enjoy about the courses?

The main thing he enjoyed about the course was how welcome he felt straight away. As someone who is new to spraying, he was worried everyone else would know what they were doing, and he would be the only one who hadn’t done this before but felt comfortable when he got there and welcomed.


What is your view on investing in training?

Liam believes that it is essential for any business because if they want to grow, be more profitable and more efficient, they have to invest in their training as it is an absolute must. He also said that you need to learn how to use these machines properly before you use them on jobs.


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What would you say to someone who is considering training?

He said for anyone who has been thinking about training, just do it as it is the best thing you will ever do. He remembered before his first course he was worried if he should do it or not but after couldn’t agree more that you should do it.


What would you say when someone thinks you cant learn to spray in 2 days?

It is possible you don’t learn everything in just 2 days Liam said, but you learn the best way to do things by experts who are out there spraying every day. But knowing and gaining the confidence from the 2-day course is what you take to your business and jobs.


What was the main thing you learned from your 2-day course?

The main thing Liam walked away with was confidence and understanding the spray machine, such as how dangerous it can be if not used properly and what products and equipment to use.


What was beneficial about the course?

The most beneficial thing from PaintTech for Liam was the ongoing support after the course as they don’t just do your training, then take your money and leave. There is lots of support to help, such as the Facebook support group that is only for people who have done the training, so there is a lot of people like you who want to learn and are learning from each other and also the PaintTech training staff are in the group and happy to help.

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