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Kolorbond and UPVC Spraying

Kolorbond – Who are they?

Have you noticed that when people get new plastic windows they are a really cool grey instead of white or mahogany? How do they do this? Is it grey plastic? Well no it isn’t, a company called Kolorbond spray the brand new white plastic and then the windows go out on site and are fitted. They can be done in ANY colour.

I know what you’re thinking, “oh yes I bet that scratches off after 6 months.” Well no actually, the paint is sprayed on in a booth and it bonds with the plastic to become part of it.

What has this got to do with a decorator?

There is now a trend towards repainting the white or mahogany double glazing to new and more fashionable colours such as grey. The paint that Kolorbond produces can be sprayed on site after the correct preparation process and the windows look factory finished once done.

This is a high margin business where you can make very good money. The core producd is Kolorbond original and it has a fast drying time (minutes) so that you can be done and off site in a day if needed.

If you don’t fancy spraying then Kolorbond do a water based product that can be brush applied with a great finish and excellent adhesion properties. This product is also available in any colour also.

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