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How to access Funding for CITB Training Courses with PaintTech Training Academy

What is CITB Funding?

The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) offers a comprehensive range of short courses for decorators. These short CITB training courses are designed to be done over a single or two days so that it is easy for decorators to fit around their busy schedules.

The CITB realise that decorators who have years of experience in one style of decorating, say, with a roller and paintbrush, tend to put learning new skills on the back burner, creating a skills gap. Also, apprentices often follow the style set out by their employers. Their training is to watch and learn, creating a greater skills gap in the newer generation of recruits. The CITB is keen for decorators to do courses from organisations like ours, as long as they are delivered to CITB’s syllabus and in a professional manner. The primary way that they do this is with the use of “ATOs”.


An “ATO” is an approved training organisation.

A training organisation must jump through several hoops to get approval to deliver CITB training. The CITB is looking to see that the company is run professionally and has policies for health and safety, and quality control for the course content. They also need to see that the teaching staff are qualified, experienced and meet the course’s criteria.

Once the training organisation is approved, and begins delivering courses, records from each course must be kept with evidence from assessments. That organisation must update the CITB database once a decorator has completed (and passed) an approved course. This is evidence that the decorator has used the grant correctly.

Every year the training organisation is audited by the CITB. They will visit the centre, select a sample of students who have completed courses, and check the assessment evidence and feedback to ensure that the CITB courses are being delivered correctly.

If a training organisation fails the audit, there is a possibility that it will get its approval withdrawn.

If you are a decorator considering doing a CITB training course, then you must do the course at an approved training organisation. It is doubtful that the CITB will fund you if you go to a none approved CITB training provider. Before taking this risk check with CITB to ensure that the course is still funded.


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Why is PaintTech a leading training organisation for CITB courses?

You may be reading this and thinking, ‘So what. What does this mean to the decorator?’

We know that we’re a leading training organisation for seven key reasons.



Taking training seriously.

First, we take the training that we do seriously. We want to deliver well-designed and high-quality courses that help decorators give exceptional service to their customers and earn more money. Behind the scenes, becoming an ATO takes a lot of work, ensuring that we meet all the criteria. We would not put all this work in if we were not serious about what we do.


Experienced in delivering training

Second, we are very experienced in delivering training. Our staff have years of experience training on-site and in the further education sector (Colleges). This means that we are very comfortable developing the courses that the CITB offer. We are very good at delivering courses to the decorator that is both useful and enjoyable.

CITB Training

Following a recognised syllabus

Third, we are not just making it up as we go along. We are following a recognised syllabus developed by a group of industry leaders. Our courses have a stamp of approval from a largely independent body, so that you know that the course you are doing has value and is recognised. Your time is valuable, and we know that you need to spend your time learning skills that are cutting edge and beneficial.


Highly experienced teachers

Forth, all our tutors are highly trained teachers, with experience and qualifications in the topics they teach, in many cases over 20 years of experience. Finding a teacher with the skill and talent to teach it to others is rare these days. We are very fortunate as an organisation to have passionate, experienced, and qualified tutors.


The stamp of approval

Fifth, the CITB is an independent body; if they ever feel that our training dips below their expectations, they will not allow us to run their CITB courses. The stamp of approval from an external source backs up our claim that we are a leading CITB training provider.


Understand the grant process

Sixth, one of our unique strengths is that we understand the grant process for CITB training very well, working closely with the CITB. This means that we know what you need to do with your grant application so that it gets approval. We cannot write your application for you, but we can give you all the mundane details and codes that are needed.

We will also help you find a course, even if we don’t offer it and help you add this information to your form. It’s comforting to have someone on the end of the phone who is on your side and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Hundreds of five-star reviews

Finally, we have had hundreds of five-star reviews from our previous students. Each review is honest feedback about how they feel the CITB training course went and what they did while on the course. We find that many of our students return to do further courses with us because of the enjoyment, value and future prospects gained from what they have learnt.




The CITB courses that we offer.

We offer several CITB courses, and the list grows as we develop new ones.

Spraying courses

Apply Paint Using Airless Spray Equipment. (Intensive airless course)

Fitted Furniture Renovation (Kitchen & Furniture On-Site Spraying course)

Apply Paint Using HVLP Equipment

Airless Spray Plaster

Simple Steps – Spray Painting Introduction

Workshop based Joinery Spraying


Paperhanging Courses

Introduction to Paperhanging

Paperhanging Intermediate

Applying Printed Murals

Hang Wallcoverings (specialised papers)

Hang non-standard width wallcoverings

Hang wallcoverings to complex surfaces



Estimating for Painting & Decorating

Leadership & Management in Construction Introduction


Decorative Courses

Venetian Polished Plaster

Worktop Refurbishment


Under development

Water-Based Finishes Introduction




Leadership and Management Courses.


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