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When and how to find low hanging fruit: Grow your decorating business in 2023

low hanging fruit

Well that’s it, summer is over… Or at least what should have felt like summer. I appreciate that this year hasn’t been quite what we hoped for, for both our holidays and having the weather to catch up with some lucrative outdoor decorating. But officially, we’re now in Autumn. 


So, what does that mean for your business? 


Well, either nothing or everything. According to how you run your business. If you don’t know your ideal audience, if you haven’t planned for the year ahead, if you have no interest in marketing, take every day as it comes, hoping that your phone will ring from referrals and do little else, then knowing it’s Autumn and that the kids are back at school means nothing. 


But, if you are into growing your business and are interested in knowing who and how to target low-hanging fruit that’s ready to convert based on time and environment, then knowing that it’s Autumn means everything. 


Back to school 

Let’s take the kids returning to school, and those with children will relate. In August, all parents could focus on was wrapping up work for their holiday, then going on holiday, and finally getting the kids ready to go back to school. August is traditionally a quiet month. 

But in all the rushing around, the garden parties and children climbing all over the kitchen furniture, there are now scuffs and scratches around the house that parents had little chance to deal with. But now, parents have time to reflect. Reflect on what their kitchen looks like, how they feel in their living room, and what each bedroom does for that person sleeping/playing in that room. Parents now have time to consider a change, and want it in readiness for christmas. 


So, for us as decorators, if you know who to target, Autumn, along with January, gives us two massive opportunities to target prospects based on their emotions for their environment; and instead of having that slow drip of information to slowly convert someone, you can instead pick off low hanging fruit who are looking for a quick re-dec. 


Using trends to your advantage. 

So, how can you use this information? How can you pick off these low hanging fruits? For us, it’s based around two aspects of your marketing. First, talk about things that matter to your target audience. At PaintTech, we plan and focus on the next six months. We know the industry trends and have planned as far ahead as 2024, with some room for a bit of jiggling around should something change. The content you’re seeing now is focused on what our data tells us you are interested in making you more likely to convert. Your marketing should be the same. Creating content for parents who own and earn your ideal client’s homes and incomes. 



Don’t ignore others. 

Though we’re saying market to low-hanging fruit, pay attention to your normal customer. After all, we’re only targeting low-hanging fruit, the ones we can convert quicker and easier. But find that mix. Make it seem like you understand how parents feel, and you have the solution. Those viewing your marketing content will resonate and act. 


Standing out. 

Secondly, is to make your services stand out. Ask yourself how you can be different. How can your posts be different to other decorators? And if you’re still questioning how, think about what you can promote that is spraying related. 


Understanding your audience. 

What is your audience’s pain point? If it’s cost, then don’t offer them it for less; instead offer more. Offer them a unique spray paint finish, not a typical brush and roller finish. If their issue is time, break down the speed of spraying. If their issue too much mess, well spraying should be an easy sell. 


People base their perceptions of having their home decorated on what they know, which is what typical painters do with a brush and roller. As you’ll know, spraying is different and overcomes many of the issues that customers have. 


Make the remainder of 2023 smoother? 

Let’s be real. Marketing is perfect for getting those low-hanging fruit. The better the marketing, the better the results. But that also applies to your business. Better tools, better results. 

As experienced decorators and trainers at PaintTech Training Academy, we’ve been where you are. Brush and roller in hand, we’ve tackled many a wall. But there’s a world beyond brushes, and it’s making sure that your prospects and customers know that too. Let them imagine what you can do. Let them picture covering large areas swiftly, a flawless finish, and being that happy client! 



But to do that, you need the tools and the knowhow. 


Our courses 

As we’ve hinted and highlighted above, the remainder of 2023 is filled with opportunities, particularly in September. I appreciate, though you might think, ‘ahh, by the time I come on a course and get skilled up, it’ll be too late’. 

And you’re right, it will. But knowing that spraying isn’t just a trend, it’s a business change for the better. Better clients, better profit, better business and consequently a better lifestyle. And next year, you’ll already know. 


PaintTech Training Academy has courses in Kent, Preston and Exeter, with courses scheduled for the next 6 months with further courses to come. Plus, with the opportunity to get fully funded by CITB and have your future courses paid for, it’s really a win win for businesses. 






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