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Rhys paint spraying journey

Following the journey of a student that has attended PaintTech Academy. Rhys came to our course in January 2018 ready to learn paint spraying and how to do it. Here we have followed his journey over the past few months.

Rhys had always been a grafter going to college learning bricklaying but couldn’t get any jobs till a friend asked him to change to decorating, and he would give him a job.

He first used a paint spraying machine after his boss asked if he knew what he was doing with a paint sprayer. Not knowing what he was doing, he said yeah and thought it would be easy to do. He ran into a few troubles as you would not knowing what you are doing but still managed to finish the job quicker than if he was to paint it with a roller.

Rhys came to PaintTech because, after his first half-day, he realised the potential business he could pull in and liked that there was a person there that actually cares and he can have a personal connection with.

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After the initial training with PaintTech, Rhys was put into a support group so if he needed any help, we could assist him with that, but after being in this group, we invited him to help with a job where he got to have a hands-on experience and could pick our brains to learn everything he needed.

After he completed his paint spraying training, Rhys went home and got his first job. He had just 14 days to complete the task. Rhys said that he probably would not have taken this job on if he had to manually paint with a roller, which would have taken too long. According to the maintenance man at that job, it had taken the last decorators two weeks to finish one of the walls full of windows but had taken Rhys three days.


Catching up with Rhys as his Spraying Journey

Rhys McWilliams, the owner of McWilliams Decorating Contractors, attended the PaintTech Training Academy in 2018 to take his business to the next level. He was not disappointed with the results. At first, Rhys booked an “Introduction to Spraying Course” at PaintTech Academy.

After having such a memorable experience at the PaintTech Academy, he immediately booked onto the second day, “The Advanced Trim Course“, without any hesitation. Not long after, his business has grown massively, and he is now working on luxury new builds with Builders and Architects!

He has been spraying 90% of his work for a high-end finish that has given him the best results, and he loves it. The PaintTech training program has helped him complete his task efficiently, saving him time to work on other projects. He is now able to use spraying equipment with ease and can quickly complete jobs that require superior quality. As a result, he is now able to meet deadlines while attaining the highest quality in his work.

Rhys has made considerable advancements to his business so quickly. To achieve such high-end finishes, you need to persevere and get in the mileage.

Let’s see how Rhys is getting on!

Continuing from the previous video, you can now see Rhys in Solihull on his latest project. It’s great to see how our mentoring system has helped him progress with his work and how he’s now benefitting from the skills he’s learned. You can also know that you can see how his project is running and what makes it stand out as a quality product.

We love having the opportunity to go back and see how our students are progressing after visiting PaintTech Training Academy; some are doing incredibly well! Rhys has benefitted massively through additional mentoring with help running projects, spraying, systems, etc. This has helped Rhys make massive advancements in his business in a short time. 

He is now working on projects he was looking for 18 months ago. Rhys completed this high-end new build to an excellent standard using spray techniques supported by PaintTech. 

The finish throughout the project is incredible and speaks volumes for his business. This is an excellent video for him to market to his clients, and it is great to show you guys what PaintTech Training Academy can do for you. The project was completed with a high level of attention to detail, making the final result look fantastic.

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